Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

Created by Caleb Pickering

The Plane Crash

When brian is flying to his dad's house he is thinking about the secret. Then the pilot jerks on the wheel of the plane. Brian looks over to see the pilot holding his chest. Brian looks in shock as the pilot jerks again and this time the plane goes plummeting down towards the thick forest. Brian tries to take control of the plane and pulls up. Then he is sky rocketing up towards the clouds. Brian has a moment of panic and drives the plane wheel down and the plane plummets once again towards the forest. The plane keeps going up and down until brian gets contol. He flew strait for hours until he ran out of gas. When he ran out of gas he tries to find a lake he could gently land on. But there were no lakes in sight. As he slowly guided down to cover some ground he saw a lake. As he tries to get the plane over to the lake he loses speed and gets to low too the trees. As he starts to get closer to the lake the trees get into the way and the plane gets caught in the trees but keeps going. The trees tear at the plane until the plane lands into the lake. Brian tries to swim up to the beach when the plane goes under water. When Brian gets to the beach he collapses and falls asleep.....

The story starts out with Brian in a small plane thinking about the secret while he is going to his dads house.then, as the pilot has a heart attack the plane falls out of the sky and the plane crashes into a lake. Brian wakes up near a lake surrounded by trees not knowing were he is or if he will survive. for the next few weeks brian learns how to hunt, fish, make weapons, make a house, and create a fire, and how to survive. After about two months, a plane is spotted in the sky and lands in the lake next to brains small hut. Brian is taken back to civilization. Brian has many new characteristics that will change him for the rest of his life.