Distinct Love

why do we misuse the term love so much?

who am I?

My name is Alexa Mendez I am Sumner Academy student and I am 16 years old. I consider myself a well-rounded individual. I can be open to any idea or subject because I am willing to learn or try something new. I like to spend time with the people that I love and make me happy because they play a very important part in my life. I also like to travel to different places to experience different cultures. I don’t have many pet peeves other than people hating on others success, I don’t like the fact that others enjoy making other people feel less because we are all human, yes we all have our different specialties for things but we still should be treated equal. I want everyone to just learn to care for one another and just respect each other and most importantly to understand no one is made with the same mentality so its okay to be different. My goal in life is to find the American dream. There’s different points of views for this phrase because everyone has their separate goals, mine happens to be to just be successful and doing what ever makes me happy with the people i love. I also want to help people physically and mentally because more than anything i like seeing others happy. My goal is to go into the medical field and hopefully study to be a cardiologist or if not a nurse, once I finish my college years my plan is hopefully to have a family of my own and just spend time with them as much as possible, and just enjoy life to the fullest until my last day.

My Burning Question...

My question was “Are there different types of love”? I came to this question when we were writing about our top five and I wrote about the love that I have for my mom because she has always been there for me and she basically been my number one supporter and hasn’t let me down. Although as time went on I felt that this question did not really fit my whole idea and when I was on vacation i saw this advertisement on TV in Mexico that caught my attention which lead me to ended up deciding that my question would be "why do we misuse the term love so much?"
#ThatsNotLove campaign | Because I Love You - Delete | One Love Foundation

What I Hope To Gain...

What I hope to gain after investigating the opposing point of view is how others believe that there is such a misunderstanding of the word love, and also what others believe might be different types of love and how it can be seen as much more than one definition. Everyone has their own interpretation of love and it how it can affect us as individuals. Lastly i want to see if people can make you change your mind or blind you to the point where you do not know what love really is.

What I Hope Others Will Gain...

By the end I would hope that others would understand why People always seem to misinterpret the whole meaning of love and why it always seems to get misguided. Most important I want everyone to not get confused by that term because people always tend to throw that word out there as if it was like any other word, it's much more than that, it has much more of a powerful meaning
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Native Son Example #1

In the book, "Native Son" one of the first examples where we see love being displayed is the indirect characterization of Bigger's mother on page 10 where it says "All i ever do is try to make a home for you children and you don't care." In this quote we see how her children are very ungrateful of the hard work that their mother has to go through every single day just so that she can provide for her family since there is no father figure in the picture. The children do not see that love is so much more. Love is a sacrifice to do survive and make the best of things for those whom you make care for. Bigger's mother wants her kids to become something in life and to not end up like she did because of the simple fact that she has to work very hard to get her family a somewhat stable home and living. Her children being so inconsiderate about her tells us how they don't see the effort she does. Ultimately leading me to believe that her children were inconsiderate but later noticed what they were really doing.

Native Son #2

The second example where we see love being displayed is by Bigger's brother, Buddy. Sometimes as siblings we don't seem to noticed or even realize how much they really care. Bigger's brother demonstrates indirect characterization just like their mother did to Bigger and the kids. "I -I just thought you was kind of nervous. I wanted to help you, that's all. I -I just thought..."(110). It is here where we see the love that his brother is trying to explain because he ants to show his brother how much he really cares and how Bigger does not seem to realize the effort that Buddy does because as siblings the majority of us aren't used to it because we're so used to getting along by fighting which we consider "brotherly love".

Native Son #3

Love and lust is one of the major terms that are often confused. A great example can be seen in the book "Native Son" with the relationship of Bigger and Bessie. With the use of imagery we can see how Bigger confuses love and lust. "A huge warm pile of desire rose in him, insistent and demanding;.."(233). It is here where we are seeing the image of Bessie basically getting raped by Bigger because she is resisting and he continues to ignore her because he wants to demonstrate to her "love" which in reality isn't love, more like lust. The lust was so strong that it overruled everything else which caused him to get anxious, leading up to him killing her. Seems as almost he felt no remorse over what he did. He believed that what he did was something that had to be done. Overall I believe that his love, or at least his understanding of love is really off because that was his girlfriend he had killed and he felt nothing, he used her for his pleasure and necessities and got ride of her when he did not need her anymore, this what he felt for her was not love.