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Where all are welcome

Welcome to Peace Island

There are 3 wonderful towns you can visit! Let's learn a little more about them!

Parafin- There is a lot of exciting things to do in Parafin, you can go to Payet Forest for a nice evening walk, or go pick fresh fruits and veggies from the community garden near by. There is a beautiful view of Mountain Peak Bay right by the golden colored beach. Not that far away you can enjoy any food or drink you want, they have it all at All Foods Restaurant. Also, in Peace Island they give each of their three towns a color and number to go by. So for example, Parafin is the first town and its color is green. There is another place in Parafin and it is called All Peace Foods Market where you can buy all natural fresh fruits, veggies, drinks and more.
Pangdom- Now, here is Pangdom, the second town and it's color is blue. The town has pretty much everything, there is St.Panteleons Cathedral with a nice quit pond in back, the Stone Cross Monument, the Peace Monument, Perfect Pelican Clothing Store (where you can shop for practically anything), Pontel's swim team, Paz Community Fitness, Peace Ville Hospital, Peels Condo Building right on smoothie ocean where you can grab a cup and fill it with a delicious smoothie from Smoothie Ocean, and finally, there is King Smoothie's house.
Pancetta- Welcome to Pancetta, the third town, it's color is purple. There are lots of beautiful beach houses here in Pancetta. King water also lives here in Pancetta. Right by King Water's beach house is a peaceful waterfall that flows into the river that then flows right into Water Ocean that's right by the sparkling sandy beach. The best part about having a beach house right by the beach is that you can go out on the beach and watch the sunset go down while the dolphins are jumping in the ocean gracefully.

Information About Peace Islands two Oceans

Water Ocean- Now, here's Water Ocean, it is a beautiful blue sparkling water where dolphins love to play, right by the sandy beach.

Smoothie Ocean- Now this is Smoothie Ocean, it is a colorful ocean that changes its smoothie flavor every Monday. You can go to Smoothie Ocean and fill up your cup with a Delicious smoothie.

Information about Peace Island's Water Volcano

Water Volcano- This is Peace Island's Water Volcano. It is a volcano that explodes water out of it at twelve o'clock in the afternoon daily, at the hottest part of the day.

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Why Stay at Peace Island?

  • Sandy beaches
  • All you can drink smoothies
  • Warm sunny weather
  • Lots to do and see
  • A loving and peaceful community

Peace Island Reviews from our Recent Visitors

"I really enjoyed staying at Peace Island they had so much too see and do. One of my favorite parts of the trip was hiking in Payet Forest and then eating lunch at All Foods Restaurant ,it was absolutely fabulous! I would definitely come back."

from Morgan Appleton

"I had a great time! I loved the two oceans, they where like no other ocean I've ever seen! If I was ever asked to come back that would be an automatic YES!"

from Leo Serkuchon

''Awesome place to stay it was like my dream world I never had. My favorite part was shopping at Perfect Pelican Clothing Store they had practically EVERYTHING!"

From Ally Permill

"My very favorite part of Peace Island, is when its twelve o' clock in the afternoon and the Water Volcano sprinkles over Peace Island, it was sooooooo cool! I will always remember Peace Island for its super cool Water Volcano."

from Rinky Dinky

VISITORS: If you are new to Peace Island we hope you are able to explore all the many amenities, excitement and relaxation it has to offer. The People of Peace Island welcome you and are here to help in any way possible. Most people who come to Peace Island decide to stay and live here long term. It is a paradise like no other place on earth. The island has so much to offer it's people and visitors and is a guarantee of a life full of happiness, love, peace, enrichment, joy and comfort.