Rugby in Rovigo

By: Victoria


Rogivo is home of rugby. Rugby Rovigo Delta was establish in june of 2010. they are an Italian rugby union club Currently competing in super 10. They became one of the strongest Italian sides and won 11 titles between 1951 and 1990. Rugby Rovigo Delta colors are Red and Blue. They have never been relegated from the to flight of Italian rugby union. Rugby was originated in England in the early 19th century.

how to play Rugby

    1. Understand that rugby matches are 80 minutes long, and you're running during most of it. Get in good running shape.

    2. 2

      Warm up and stretch properly so you don't get injured

    3. 3

      Realize that rugby is not a stop-start game with a lot of breaks. Work on your endurance.

    4. 4

      Note that in rugby there are two main positions; backs and forwards, the backs need to be fast agile and quick thinkers, forwards need to be be strong, heavy (a little) and fit:). Find which one you fit into.

    5. 5

      Try to develop your ball-in-hand skills; i.e., passing and catching because the modern game is all about passing. The ball is faster than you so let the ball do the work. Dropping the ball can immediately stop a formerly successful play, so make sure you have the skills not to fumble the ball
      1. Learn That Haka as you will have to perform it before each game.(Optional)

    6. 7

      Learn the game. Pick up a book that outlines the laws such as "Rugby for Dummies" and don't be afraid to ask your team mates questions...even if the questions seem silly or stupid to you..

    7. 8

      Get a good rugby coach that knows how to teach tackling properly.

    8. 9

      Don't be afraid! Get stuck in, players that are not fully committed to a tackle are the ones that come out with the injuries.

    9. 10

      Never argue with a rugby referee. Referees for this sport are treated with respect unlike the all the other sports you see on TV. Address the ref as "Sir" or "Ma'am".

    10. 11

      Have good camaraderie and respect for your fellow team-mates and opponents.