Take a trip along the Neva

There are so many to see and do along St. Petersburg’s famous river. Choose one of our many boat trips!

The Winter Palace

The Winter Palace occupies a whole block and amazes visitors with its grand scale and splendid ornamentation. The design was prepared by an outstanding architect of the Baroque style, Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli.

The Admiralty

The gilded spire of the Admiralty is another of St. Petersburg’s famous landmarks. The Admiralty tower, topped with its golden spire, is the focal point of three of the city’s main streets. The Admiralty was Russia’s Naval Headquarters until 1917, and now serves as a naval college.

The Summer Garden

The Summer Garden is one of the places where one can feel the atmosphere of Peter's time. The Summer Garden is a pearl in the garden necklace of Petersburg. The garden with a collection of sculptures and the Summer Palace that was the first Emperor's residence constitute a single museum complex.

Do not miss the Neva fencing of the Summer Garden which is an architectural masterpiece of universal fame.