Scientific Revolution

What was the change?

  • Beginning in the mid- 1500s ,few scholars published work that challenged and impacted the ancient thinkers & church point of view . The few scholars began to replace old assumptions with brand new theories , They launched a change in European culture & called it the Scientific Revolution . The Scientific Revolution was a advanced way of thinking about the natural world . That was based upon careful observations & a willingness to question accepted beliefs .

Who were the people associated with the change?

How did the change impact the society at the time?

In spite of all the advance in literacy,astrology,science,medicine,and thinking, the common European had no idea how to interpret new findings in the world of science. The world was seen completely different . The Scientific Revolution had little impact on the everyday lives & thoughts. It also bought society in Europe out of religion and forced religion to become more duplicitous. Religion uses science to falsely "prove" things it believes,

How is it that change evidence in today's modern society ?

Yes, we still use the inventions created during the scientific revolution . Everything is just a lot more advanced then they were such as before. scientific revolution led to industrialization which led to pretty much everything "modern" including cars ,computers all recent inventions pretty much. Scientific revolution also leads to study of "modern" medicine.The Scientific Revolution was also a period during which new organizations of everything & seeing the study of the natural world. The Scientific Revolution had far reaching effects , Besides changing the way people thought about the world,use of the Scientific Method resulted in discoveries in medicine, physics, and biology.