the history by Anthony Myatt

The History Of Alan Turing

Alan Turing is famous foe creating the worlds first computer and cracked a code for the Britains in world war 2. He was gay and back then you weren't really allowed to be gay or you would be killed. He didn't like that fact so he went and commited suicide. He commited suicide by taking a bite of a poisonos apple. If you think about it the logo for the apple company is a bit out of an apple ! People believe apple was inspired of this man. Do you believe ?

information on the four different generations of computering

In the beginning of the computer age UNIVAC developed by two scientists (Mauchly and Echert) in 1947 at the Cenus department of united states. The first generation computers were used during 1942 - 1955. Based on vacuum tubes which were the only electronic componet available during those days. Examples of first gen computers were ENIVAC and UNIVAC-1.
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inputs and outputs

one of the monitor devices is an output device because it takes things from the computer. For example - If you connect a computer to a projector the projector the shows what the computer is doing on the board that is an output. Another example - A printer. A printer takes things from the computer so you can have it whenever another output.

Now on to input and what it does and means. Right an input is the complete opisite to a output an input puts stuff on the computer. For example - a web cam takes pictures and then uploads them to your computer thats an input. Another example I think is if you want to upload a photo from your iphone to the computer to keep it safe you just plug in your iphone cable into the computer

Tim Berners Lee

Tim Berners Lee was the man who developed the INTERNET. Did you know? that tim berners lee has many other big jobs that are to do with the internet. He is the director foe wc3 (world wide web consortium). He is also the founder for the world wide web foundation. And again a director for the web science research initiative.