Mr. Lafever's Classroom Open House

Please come to learn about the classroom you have joined!

Come to learn all about the classroom that you and your child will be a part of!

Classes you may be taking/interested in taking:

- Advanced Choir (Show Choir)

- Marching Band

- Symphonic Band (in the Winter Season)

- Guitar Lessons

- Music Fundamentals

- Advanced Music Theory

When? May 5th, 2015 at Mr. Lafever's Classroom at 7:40!

Please bring any and all resources you find may help you during this open house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I have to pay for marching band/show choir?

A: Unfortunately, there is a fee for both of these classes. This is because without your contribution and dedication to these classes, we would not be able to have the resources we need to succeed as an ensemble!

Q: Are there payment options available? Or will my student not be able to join?
A: There is a large grace period for beginning payment, and I am always willing to work with parents and students if financial struggles are the only reason that you are unable to join either of these ensembles.

Q: Does my student need to have a guitar for guitar class?

A: It is preferred. Students are not required to have anything when starting guitar class/lessons, but it is smiled upon to have any prior resources. This is because the task of lending out guitars and resources can become an issue when these resources/guitars are damaged. Do not worry if you are unable to afford/provide any of the resources required though, as they can be provided for your student.