Maillet's Kindergarten Newsletter

Week of March 17, 2014

What We Learned This Week

I hope you all had a wonderful week! I am so excited that you are all enjoying the new class newsletter! Please also note that the newsletter will be posted on our Sanders Street School website (under Mrs.Maillet) for those of you that do not have email. I will continue to provide a hard copy to those of you that do not have access to a computer. We had a great week of learning. Our author/illustrator was Eric Carle. We read several of his books and compared the content and illustrations. Our friends can now recognize a book of his by just looking at the illustration. We also created some class books of our own this week. Please see samples below. We also enjoyed pancakes this week after we read Eric Carle's "Pancakes, Pancakes book". Of course we "shook" things up! We also read his "Mixed Up Chameleon" book. We combined the two and made "mixed up" pancakes. What fun! You can see our video below. In reader's workshop, we learned about "Chunky Monkey" and "Skippy Frog". Not only are we getting great at using our strategies, but now we are able to recognize what strategy we are using when we are stuck on a difficult word! We also worked on letters J and F. In math, we finished our unit on numbers 1-10 and one more and one less. Our friends are little " mathematicians"! They love playing games, working in math stations and using illuminations to help build their math skills.

To view the video, just touch the picture and it will bring you to a site. Press the play button and you should be able to view it.

What We Are Learning This Week!

In ELA, we will be focusing on initial and ending sounds. We will be focusing on letters E and X. We will be doing some fun activities to help reinforce the letter names and sounds.

In Math, we will be focusing on composing numbers 10-19. This means that we will be building the numbers. For example, ten is made up of 1 ten and 0 ones. Eleven is made up of 1 ten and 1 one. We will be building numbers in multiple ways using unifix cubes, ten frames and other ways as well.

Featured Author/Illustrator

Author/Illustrator of the Week: This week we will be focusing on Leo Lionni. We will be reading several of his stories. We will continue to compare his stories and talk about their similarities and differences.

We will be writing, writing, and writing this week! This week we will be focusing on beginning, middle, and end. We will be creating our own books after we read his stories. Our friends will use their books to help retell the story. We will also be reading "little blue, little yellow". After reading the story we will mix our own paints and create a picture. We will write about our creation!

First and Last Names

We are doing a great job with our names! Please continue to encourage your child to work on this at home also.

If they have trouble with this please try using a highlighter or dotted letters for them to trace, writing the name and having them copy it underneath.


As mentioned in previous newsletters, we have launched our Reader’s Workshop Model of instruction for reading. The children are developing a love of reading. This week we are going to review and practice “Chunky Monkey”. This strategy teaches us to look for a “chunk” of the word that you know and try and figure out the word. Ask your children about these strategies, they love using them! We will also review and practice using all the strategies that we have learned so far such as Eagle Eye, Lips The Fish, Stretchy Snake, Chunky Monkey, and Skippy Frog. I will send home copies of these for you this week so that you can use them at home.


MARCH 17- Leprechaun Trap

Whoa! Our friends are ready to catch the leprechaun! As a reminder, this is the weekend! We are going to attempt to trap a leprechaun in our classroom on Monday! Many of our friends have already made their trap. They are ready to trap the little guy! I am asking you to work with your child to design a trap for this Monday. First, test your trap on Sunday to see how well it works, then have your child bring the trap to school on Monday and we will try to trap him Monday evening. Of course, if you trap the leprechaun at home, please have your child bring it to school. We will write about the events that occurred in our classroom!
Have fun!

MARCH 31- Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten registration will be on March 31 at each of the Elementary Schools. If you have a child that will be attending kindergarten next year, please join us on that date!

Thank you for all that you do!!! Keep up the great work!!