News from Room 11

March 8, 2013

What will be learning/doing Next Week:

* Language Arts Unit 4 Week 5- Animal Teams

-Vocabulary: behavior, group, plead, soar, vivid

- Grammar: Contractions with NOT (doesn’t, haven’t, shouldn’t)

- Phonics: words with Long e (y, ey)

-Spelling Words: bumpy, puppy, funny, penny, sandy, bunny; my, night, or, because

- Skill: Retell

* Math- Patterns

Important Notes:

-Friday, March 15th we will celebrate St. Patrick's Day early by bringing in green food. Please sign up on the wiki to bring in a green snack. We don't want to have a classroom full of just green grapes!

- I am sure you have received notice about the current Foundation for Learning Technology Pledge Drive going on at Solana Santa Fe. I know it feels like we are constantly asking for donations, but this one truly touches the kids in the classroom everyday. Your donations will help us to purchase new technology (ipads for additional grade levels next year is the dream.) But your donations also help us keep our current technology up to date. So, for example when our projectors need new light bulbs we have the money to purchase them. I must admit I would be lost if I had to teach with just my whiteboard again. Just ask you child the amazing projects we've been doing with our 4th grade big buddies on their IPads. I'm blown away by the 4th grade students and the technology that they are learning. Just ask you child how much we use the 5 Ipads in room 11. Think how much more we could do with a class full of Ipads! Please consider donating, any amount is appreciated!

-Friday is Miss Romo's last day with us then she is headed off to Solana pacific to teach sixth-grade. We are all going to miss her! We are going to present her with a cookie jar that all the students signed and made a tiny picture on. If your child would like to make an extra card or bring a little something for her please do it by Friday.

-I will be absent on Thursday and Friday because I’m going to attend the CUE conference with 10 other teachers from SSF. I am so excited to learn more about integrating technology into our classroom.

-We just started a class Blog. I've had a few students wanting to log onto it at home but aren’t able to because you can’t Goggle it. Our class Blog is private and you must go to the following address:

Have your child show you their Blog! We have posted two completed projects. They may comment on other people's Blogs but make sure to keep it positive. Enjoy!

-Check out our Educreations. We made this video to teach SSF teachers and students about Learning A-Z.

-Check out this article in the UT about the therapy dogs who visit SSF.

Important Dates:

-Next week school dismisses at 12:00.

-Make sure to check the time and date of your teacher parent conference, see you next week.


Christy Campbell