Oliver Cox

University of Notre Dame

About me

My name is Oliver Cox.

I Graduated Aquinas College in 2014, studying Chemistry, human biology, English, Metal work and English. I was the prefect of service learning and have contributes over 200 hours to the local community throughout year 11 and 12. I loved my schooling experience and have never left. I still work there to this day as part of the grounds staff.

I am studying teaching at the University of Notre Dame. I have chosen this pathway as a career as i have a passion for helping people understand concepts. I also love interacting and communicating with people and teaching seems like the perfect profession for that.

I have a passion for cars and all things mechanical. I loved Metal work at school and am striving to teach this as it not only interests me but I have a strong passion to teach this to other students who may also find this as one of their own passions

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