United States and Canada

How are they similar? How are they different?

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This map of the United States and Canada highlights the political boundaries of the 2 countries: The U.S. having states, Canada having provinces.

Economic similarities and differences

The United States and Canada share one of the most diverse Trading relationships in the world, providing millions of jobs in both countries. Canada is a large supplier of energy to the US, and America shares many power grids with its northern neighbor. This trading system keeps both economies and a stable level. The main exports from USA to canada are vehicles, Oil, and plastics. The main imports from canada are Natural gas, and machinery. The canadian dollar is equal to about .81% of the US dollar.

Political similarities and differences

The United States considers itself a Federal presidential constitutional republic, whereas Canada classifies as a Federal Parliamentary constitutional monarchy, the difference being the queen is still listed ad one of the leaders for Canada. The united states and Canada both participated in the war of 1812, being one of the biggest border breaches in history. Canada also aided america in the war in Iraq, sending in a special forces team for rescue missions. Canada spends an average of 650 billion dollars less on military funding and expenses than The US does. The United states-Canadian border is protected by bot countries militaries working together.

Social similarities and differences

Canada and the United States share a British colonial heritage, meaning their countries were both settled by British colonies early on. The main Ethnic group in both the Untied States and Canada is anglo-European, because of the shared ancestry of the 2 countries.The are both biggest religious group is christianity. The populations of both countries are significantly different, The untied states having about 270 million more people than canada.
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