Mrs. Reynolds 3rd Grade Newsletter

Week 17 and 18 January 11, 2016

Up Coming Events and Stories

January 13 - KC Club cancelled

January 14 - Thursday - Math and Science Night 5-7 pm

January 15 - Friday - End of nine weeks

January 18 - Monday - Martin Luther King holiday - no school

January 20 - Wednesday - Early release 12:30

Up Coming Reading Stories:

Week 18 - Out of This World - Texas Treasures

Week 19 - Poetry

Week 20 - What do Illustrators do? - Texas Treasures

Here are a few pictures from the holiday party. They kiddos had a blast!! Thanks so much for sending the goodies and gifts, and a HUGE thanks to Mrs. Celis and the moms who helped to make the party a great success.

I also wanted to send a quick thank you for all the wonderful Christmas gifts. I can't tell you how blessed I am to have such a great set of students and parents this year. You guys are AWESOME!!

Reading and Writing

Before the holiday, students read and wrote how to papers. One of the topics was how to decorate a Christmas Tree.

We have started unit 2 which focuses on biographies, autobiographies, poetry, idioms, and point of view.

Last week we read the novel Helen Keller. Students did an excellent job building stamina and skimming the story to locate stated facts to answer questions. While some are still finishing up, they have earned the Gritty Award for best working kiddos this past week.

This week we will read a biography story from our Texas Treasures book called Out of this World! It is about an astronaut named Ellen Ochoa. Students will work with the following words: communicate, responsible,specialist, research, essential, and decisions. Our focus this week will be summarize, sequencing, and synonyms.

In writing we will write an expository sample on how each student plans to have an awesome year. In social studies we will write about Helen Keller or another historical figure and how they have helped change the community.

Social Studies

We are working on unit 6 and are reviewing heroes and historical figures who have made a difference. Many of these people we have already discussed, but the kids are learning even more with our Pebble Go reading. Here are a few people we are reading about this week: Harriet Tubman, Helen Keller, Hector P. Garcia, Ruby Bridges, James Lovell, Danny Olivas, Ellen Ochoa, and Todd Beamer.

They can login anytime at home on Pebble Go and learn about a lot about historical figures. The user name is wylieisd and password is school.

Spelling unit 17 and 18 & Grammar

Last week students worked with words writers use. This week is a review week. We will not have homophones included in our list of words on review weeks. Please be sure to look over the spelling directions weekly, because they do change somewhat.

Grammar - Our focus the past few weeks has been on commas, in a series, commas with dates and addresses, and this week we will are focusing on commas with coordinating conjunctions. Students will work with sentences using a commas before conjunctions. We call these FANBOYS - for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so. Below is a video that is catchy on conjunctions.

Big image