Introducing My New Business

I am now a Designer with Origami Owl

Let me Help You Create a Living Locket

Have you heard of Origami Owl? It is one of the fastest growing companies on the face of the planet right now. Why? Well, let me just say you have to see it to know why. Imagine creating jewelry that tells your life story and having fun doing it. So many choices, so many creative ways to create your unique piece of jewelry that celebrates your life journey. I would love to show you the possibilities. You can come to a jewelry bar, or take a look around my website, or we can meet one-on-one - whatever fits your schedule. Get in touch with me now so we can create your beautiful living locket!

Tell Your Own Story Through Our Living Lockets

I'd Love to Show You the Possibilities

Whether you want to gather a few friends together, or take a look at our fabulous "Take Out Menu" (catalog), or want to see these beautiful pieces online, just contact me any way you want to so I can introduce you to Origami Owl.

Sharon Odongo, Designer