The War of 1812

By: Skilar

Leading up to war

France and Britain were torturing America over small dumb things. France and Britain threatened to attack American ships and take their cargo. Britain and America were also in conflict over the Northwest territory.

War with Britain begins

War Hawks wanted to declare war with the other countries. Congress wanted to negotiate rather than go to war. Eventually, the War Hawks convinced congress to go to war.

The War at sea

America had tried many times to invade Canada on land. They failed to succeed every time. When they used war ships to attack, during war, they had finally succeeded.

Battles on land

Eventually, British came to invade Washington D.C. Later, they sailed to Fort McHenrey, but failed to succeed, since American troops were protecting it. America refused to surrender, so Britain gave up.

Fighting for New Orleans

The war was 2 years long. All of the countries signed a Peace Treaty, so they can all live in peace. Yet, it took several weeks for news to travel to the seas. War was over at some point though.

The return of Peace

In 1815 all conflict stopped. War, and all things causing oeace to retreat was ended.