Mrs. C's

Third Quarter Newsletter


Readers Workshop has kept us very busy this past quarter! We did another round of historical fiction and responded to text by creating a filmstrip of the story. We then dove into researching our Wisconsin Expo product! I was so proud of the kids and all the hard work they did to find resources that would fit their needs for the research paper. We have just started our next unit, realistic fiction books involving an animal!


We have completed both our literary essay unit in Writers Workshop and our research project. WOW! These kids worked so hard on their research papers for the Wisconsin Expo! They used research they found independently and collaborated with other researchers doing the same product to compare notes. We worked as an entire fourth grade team and some of my students even got to go to other classrooms to collaborate! The finished product was amazing and they even included a references page citing their sources!


We have completed units 6 through 8 in our Everyday Math curriculum. As the content gets more difficult, the kids have really been working hard and giving me their best! I am very impressed with the results they are showing me and all the knowledge they are learning as we navigate through some pretty tough math content!


Keep up the good work studying those words at home! As the words start to become more difficult, ask your child to use the word in a sentence to check for understanding.

Social Studies

We focused on Wisconsin Agriculture and followed along with a resource book that our great state offers to classrooms for free! The kids (and their teacher!) learned a TON about the agriculture industry! Very fascinating!


The students had a blast working with Mr. K in science! They really enjoyed the Ideas and Inventions unit. They created an invention and presented on an inventor of their choosing. I loved seeing all their creative ideas come to life!