7:55 am - Students enter the building

8:03 am - All car riders unloaded, door #15 locks

8:05 am - TARDY BELL

2:55 pm - Car Riders dismissed

3:00 pm - Buses load and dismiss

School Office Hours: 7:30 am - 3:30 pm


KG 97.13%

1ST 94.14 %

2ND 97.44 %

3RD 94.84 %

4TH 96.35 %


GRASSY CREEK C.O.R.E. Expectations





3rd and 4th Grade Parents Check This Out

My PTA has put together a parental workshop scheduled for next Thursday, 9/19, at Liberty Park. They are inviting all 3rd and 4th grade families in the township to attend. Indiana State Police will be leading through a presentation on Internet safety. See the flyer below.
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Mrs. Forey, School Counselor

We are excited to introduce Grassy Creek's new school counselor, Mrs. Forey!

Elementary School Counselors provide education, prevention and intervention activities through school wide initiatives, classroom lessons, small groups and individual counseling. Counselors assist students in their academic, career and social/emotional development and provide support to students during times of transition or heightened stress. As a resource to staff and parents, counselors assist in identifying children's academic and social/emotional needs. Counselors may also provide referrals for additional community support services.

A typical day for our elementary school counselor might include the following:

  • Classroom lesson on social skills

  • An intervention assisting a small group of third grade students with organizational skills

  • Collaboration with a grade level team review of academic and behavioral data

  • Facilitating conflict resolution between students

  • Organizing career exploration activities for teachers to use in the classroom

  • Parent conference to address academic concerns

  • Small group intervention activity in anger management

  • Individual counseling for students dealing with emotions relating to stress or significant life events

If you would like to learn more about what Mrs. Forey can do to support your child, please reach out to her at or 317-532-3100 ext. 3123.


Our policy on sweets clearly states that gum, candy and sweet treats/snacks are not allowed in school (no gum or candy allowed in lunches or in the Cafe) or on the bus unless authorized by school staff for specific school-wide events. All confiscated items may be picked up by a parent. We will dispose of items not picked up in a reasonable amount of time. Please see page 26 of the Grassy Creek handbook that was given to every family at registration.


Ms Hutchison’s annual Monarch project was a success! Students spent the past month watching the entire transformation from egg to chrysalis to a beautiful monarch. On Thursday after every class was able to see the beautiful monarch, Ms Hutchison released “Marshmallow Unicorn” (1st grader Simone Buckley named him). SOAR MARSHMALLOW UNICORN!


There is a continuous Lost & Found table set up in the Grassy Creek Cafe. All clothing items and lunch boxes that are brought to the clinic as lost items will be set out on the table. Encourage your student to check the table for their items during lunch. Lost jewelry, glasses and other miscellaneous items will be in the office. Identify them and they are yours again!
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Select a keepsake to treasure forever

This week Art to Remember forms were sent home with students. These forms are personalized to each child's artwork. The due date for school delivery is September 24th. However there is an online option that many of our parents use and access throughout the year. I understand some may have questions about two "fundraisers" going on at GC. Art to Remember benefits the art department solely and is a keepsake item that our parents enjoy ordering each year. We also will have another opportunity for this in the Spring for those not interested this time of year.

Thank you for your support!


Dear Grassy Creek Families,

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how excited the Grassy Creek family is about the start of the school year and to share our process for emergency preparedness. In an effort to make sure our students and staff understand and know what to do in the case of emergencies, we plan practice drills throughout the school year. Some of these drills include procedures we practice monthly, like fire drills, and some we practice only a few times during the year, like wind/tornado drills.

We wanted you to be aware of the types of drills that we practice together in the event of a school safety concern so that you can talk with your students about these situations if they should come home with questions.

  • Fire Drills – Students and staff evacuate their classrooms and exit the building. All classrooms report to a designated location outside of the school building. During these drills, cars entering campus will be stopped by staff until our perimeter is clear of students and staff.

  • Wind/Tornado Drills – Students and staff report to designated locations in the building away from large windows and doors with windows. During this drill, our exterior doors will be locked so that all office staff can participate as well.

  • Lockdown Drills – Our buildings are secured internally and externally. Students remain with staff and wait for directions. During these drills, if you visit campus, you may see law enforcement agencies like Warren Police, parked on our campus supporting this practice.

  • Bus Evacuation Drills – Students practice exiting the bus using emergency exits upon arriving to school. During these drills, cars entering campus will be stopped by staff until our perimeter is clear of students and staff.

It is important to note that your student’s focus and cooperation during our drills is paramount. When drills are conducted, all individuals on our campus must participate, and that number can be upwards of 500 people. Paying attention, being alert and following directions allows for the best learning experience during the drills. Please reinforce this at home. Also, please know that if you are in the building when these drills are being practiced, you will be asked to practice with our school.

I appreciate your support and ask that you reach out with any questions.

Christy Merchant, Principal



An exclusion has been set for September 16, 2019! Your student will not be able to attend school if he/she does not have up-to-date immunizations on file at school before September 16th. Letters were sent home and phone calls have been made with your student's specific immunization need(s). Please contact your doctor or the health department as soon as possible. For any questions, call the clinic at 317-532-3105.

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2019-2020 School Calendar

Check out the MSD Warren Township school calendar here!

Staff Contact List

We encourage you to reach out to your child's teacher anytime! Please use this link from our school website to find email addresses and extensions. We want to partner with you!

YMCA Before & After School Care

Are you interested in learning more about the before and after school program offered by the YMCA at Grassy Creek? Click this link to find out details!


Please note that in the mornings you and your student must be in line and unloaded by 8:03 am at door #15. The door will lock automatically at 8:03 am and you will then need to bring your student to the front office for drop off. Any students dropped off at the front office after 8:05 am are considered tardy.


We have a few extra Yearbooks that can be purchased in the office for $13. First come, first served.


Join the PTA for $7. and receive a discount card.

Next PTA meeting of the school year will be at 6 pm at Grassy Creek on Thursday October 3rd. ALL are invited.

2019/2020 Officers are

President Hailey Hilliard

Vice President Jason Shuhilo

Secretary Alana Sheets

Treasurer Ladonia Stivers - Bailey

Teacher Representative Alicia Hilbert

Questions contact PTA President Hailey Hilliard

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Please feel free to follow us on social media and to contact us at anytime.