The Hawkeyes are the best!!!



Here are some interesting and fun facts about Iowa going into this weekend’s game against Michigan State in East Lansing.

Last win in East Lansing was in 1995
Home Team won last 9 meetings in this series.
Iowa holds the Big Ten longest road winning streak with 3 wins. Since Ohio State lost last weekend.
Seven straight wins first under Kirk Ferentz and first time since 1985 season.
First 3-0 start since 2002 for the Hawkeyes.
11 straight wins tie the second longest streak in school history. The other streak was in 1956 – 1957 season (10-0-1) with Ohio State ended the streak by beating Iowa.
Only team with wins over 3 BCS ranked teams this season. Penn State, Arizona, Wisconsin
Iowa ties Alabama with most wins in FBS this season with 7 (Both 7-0).

Here are some other facts to think about.

Longest winning streak in Iowa history was 20 wins in 1921-1923. Iowa lost to Illinois to end this streak.
Last time Iowa beat Ohio State and Michigan in same year was in 1962
Last Big Ten Conference championship outright was in 1985. Iowa was co-champs in 2004 with Ohio State.
Last Rose Bowl appearance for the Hawkeyes was in 1990.
Last BCS Bowl appearance was the Orange Bowl in 2002.
Last time Iowa won every away game in a single season was in 2002.
Last time Iowa won every home game in a single season was in 2004.
Last undefeated Conference record Iowa had was in 2002 (8-0).
The last undefeated season Iowa had was in 1922 (7-0-0).
There are only four undefeated seasons in Iowa history. They are 1899 8-0-1, 1900 7-0-1, 1921 7-0, and 1922 7-0.
Highest BCS ranking was fifth in Dec. 2002 for 5 weeks.

Here are some interesting facts about Iowa winning National Championships. I found this information on other websites that keep track of National Championships.

In 1921, Iowa was selected as National Champion by Billingsley and Parke Davis.

In 1956, Iowa was selected as National Champion by Football Research along with selections by others of Georgia, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

In 1958, the Football Writers of America, ranked the Iowa Hawkeyes as #1 and National Champions. This trophy rests not far from Nile Kinnick’s 1939 Heisman trophy in the Iowa Athletic Museum.