What Can We Do About Hate?

Talk about it

What YOU say Matters!

If you say something to someone about them, it will hurt their feelings. If you make fun of someone about what they´re wearing, they might not have enough money to provide themselves with clothes. You might say be joking around with someone but do they know that?

Don judge people!

Never judge someone! Just by their looks or what clothes they´re wearing, you don´t know what their life experiences are like. Judging someone can lead up to some serious injuries. Just because they don´t have the things you have does not mean you shouldn´t talk to them. What if they cannot provide clothes? They might need someone to talk to about their life experiences at home. Just think about it, if youŕe having a hard time at home, and then having to go to school to be laughed at or judged you wouldn´t like it.

Why bully?

Why bully people? It doesn´t make you a better person. Bullying can lead up to serious injuries. Some lead up to suicides, people become anorexic or obese. They will also remember you as bullies when you´re older. Another thing is that those people who you bully might have hard times at home. They might get abused by their parents, might not even have parents or other hard life experiences.

Talk to someone

If youŕe getting bullied talk to someone. When talking to someone they can help you with the problem or stop the bulling. Find out why they bully you. Talk to the person who bullies you and ask why do they bully you.
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