Google Apps (Cabarrus Apps)

Introduction and Login Information

What is Google Apps?

Go Google: Google Drive

Google Apps

Google has included some apps with your Google account. These apps will help you in the area of productivity whether you're trying to type a document, build a presentation, or analyze data in a spreadsheet.

How do I access my Google Apps account?

Sometimes you will come to a screen that says Welcome to Google Drive and other times you may come to a screen with a login box. If you do not see a login screen, look for a button that says "Go to My Google Drive" or Login. Usually this will be in the top right corner of the screen.

username - (Note - this is very similar to your email address, but does add @apps....)

password - same as your email password. This password should sync and update when you change your password every 90 days.

Cabarrus Apps How To Log In

Google Drive

Your Google Drive is your main folder that holds all your files within the Google Suite. You can organize your files in Google Drive into folders. Others can share files with you which will show up in your "Shared with Me" folder. There are also shared drives within Google Drive which make it easier for teams to have a collaborative space to share files.