Business & Licensed


What Is Business Taxes ? Corporate taxes are taxes against profits earned by businesses during a given taxable period .

What is An Licensed Taxes ? An amount of money paid by an individual or business to a government agency for the privilege of performing a certain service or engaging in a certain line of business

Requirements for Licensed Tax

Anyone who sells taxable items in VT must obtain a business tax account and license from the Vermont Department of Taxes and collect and remit on those sales. This requirement applies for all sales even if the sales are for one day or regularly throughout
the year. You will receive your license after processing of your application. There is no fee for the license.
NOTE: An out-of-state retailers coming into Vermont must obtain a Vermont license. The out-of-state license is not a substitute for the Vermont license.

Current Rates In IL

30 Years - 4.27

15 Years - 3.27