Team Bradberry

Sophie Bradberry - Director - 601-248-1505

March 2014 Team Statistics

Team Sales- $6962.50
Team Parties- 15
Downline Consultants- 20

Welcome To Team Bradberry!

Amanda Thames' new team member- Kelly Ham
Angie Pletzke's new team member- Danelle Jackson
Sophie Bradberry's new team member- Sonya Boyd
Sophie Bradberry's new team member- La'Quinta Lewis
Crissie Bell's new team member- Gwin Bell

We are so happy to have you in our Thirty-one family!!

Sophie's Personal Statistics

Sales- $1864
New Team Members- 2
Parties- 3

Team Bradberry Rockstars!

Top Dream Builders
Amanda Thames- 1
Angie Pletzke- 1

Top Sales
Crissie Bell- $1514
Amanda Thames- $1061
Whitney Davis- $741.50
Cassandra Cabral- $ 626

Top Party Girls
Crissie Bell- 3
Cassandra Cabral- 2
Amanda Thames- 2
Whitney Davis- 2

Ready, Set, Sell Incentive Earners

Kelly Ham - Level 3
Sophie Bradberry - Level 3
Whitney Davis - Level 1

You still have 6 more days to earn this incentive!
You can do it!!
Contact me if you need help or idea!

Thirty-one Today (TOTS)

There is plenty new information up on TOTS right now! Everything you need to know about transitioning from the spring catalog to the fabulous summer catalog is on TOTS! You can see information about Ready, Set, Sell Incentive, $31 Summer Add-on Kit, Business Update, 31 Minute Calls, How to Market May, new business supplies for the summer & lots more!! Make sure to check it out TODAY!

Team Bradberry 31 Minute Challenge!

We have a new team challenge for April! Prizes will be given!
Here's what you have to do:
Listen to at least one 31 Minute Call a week. (I suggest you start with the 2-10-1 call by Christy Busbey, but you can choose whatever you would like.)
Message me what call you listened to & something you learned from the call.
Post on our Team Bradberry Facebook page your call info. & a tip you learned from the call.

You have 3 ways to earn points:
Listen to 31 Minute Calls- 5 points
Message me the info.- 5 points
Post on our Team Facebook Page- 5 points

Whoever has the most points on April 30, 2014 will win! There will be prizes given out to all who participate!

To find the 31 Minute Calls go to TOTS & click on the "training" tab twice. Then, click on the 31 Minute Call logo on the left. Choose a category you are interested in & choose the call you want to listen to. You can do this from your smart phone if you are on the go or your computer.

I love a good competition!
Strong Start Facebook Chat

Join this Facebook Chat! It goes over everything a new consultant needs to know in her first 120 days! Join the group, & then go to "events" to pick the chat time & date that is best for you!

National Conference 2014- Biggest Party Of The Year!

You do not want to miss National Conference 2014 this July! Make plans to be there now! Find all the details by clicking the button above! Let's Celebrate!