Second Grade Newsletter

February 2017


Second graders students will be amping up our reading power. We're moving on to chapter books and as a class we will be reading Ramona Quimby, Age 8 to learn how to master the art of chapter books.


Second grade writers are working on publishing their realistic fiction stories. They've developed characters, problems for their characters and are working to include dialogue to make their stories more exciting.


Second grade mathematicians are exploring two-digit addition. They will learn about regrouping tens into the tens place and explaining their thinking process as they solve addition word problems.

Social Studies

As the Second Graders explored the five boroughs, they learned about the changes that New York City went through to become what it is today. They have been exploring timelines and how they help readers learn about change.

Important Dates

February 15

- Wonderful Wednesday

- PTA Meeting at 6 pm

February 20-February 24

- Mid-Winter Recess- NO SCHOOL

May Birthdays

Ms. Ramirez - 2-251

Ms. Jurist and Ms. Mari - 2-245

Devin- 2/16

Ms. Windle - 2-252

Zain M- 2/3

Zapata H- 2/3

Ms. Arno and Ms. Walters - 2-249