Pippin The Musical !

By: Nay Bowman

What Is the Musical Pippin' About?

Pippin' is about a man who goes by the name of Pippin' trying to find passion and adventure in his life. He is trying to prove his loyalty to his father Charles who he ends up killing.

Who Wrote Pippin'?

The author of the musical Pippin' was wrote by Stephen Schwartz. He was born in New York and is today now 67. Along with this musical he had some help from director Diane Paulus. Barry Weissler helped produced.

Broadway Musical !

Other Characters:

3 Other Charaters:

Other characters in Pippin' was Berthe , Charles who is the father , and Fastrada.

Songs From the Show:

  • Magic to do
  • Corner of the sky
  • With you
  • Love song
  • Kind of woman
  • Extraordinary

Interesting Facts:

  1. Show ran about 1,994 times
  2. Was the show of Spotlight for over 4 decades
  3. Pippin' revival began on March 23


Awards the musical won was 4 Tony awards for ' Best Revival Musical '.

History Behind the Musical:

The musical is the most realistic musical , its about here and now , deals with the coming of age, and different from most musicals.
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