Keep Going, For the Greater Good

Parents need to unwind, it is the best option

Unwinding is the Safest Option

Unwinding is the safest option for any child. The transition into the the divided state will be a sanitary and painless one for your teenager. World class facilities make sure that the child will be kept in a happy and safe environment before and during the unwinding. Your children can provide necessary means for many to survive. Your child's full potential in not unlocked until they are unwound. Unwinding is the best option.

My Town Is Safer, All Because of Unwinding

My town, Breckenridge, was a hot spot for children to do drugs and alcohol. The Second Civil War has changed Breckenridge for the better. Teens are not committing violent crimes as much, and I can feel safe not locking my door again. This is all thanks to unwinding, it really is the best option.
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"Violent Crime in Teens is the Lowest Ever", Unwinder General says

In a statement from earlier this week, Diane Moon Glampers, the Unwinder General, says that violent crime in teens is the lowest it has ever been in our nation's history. The rate has dropped to .8% within the last 10 years. Glampers states that a recent spike in unwinding has caused this drop. "We need these children off the streets and into a divided state" Glampers demanded. She is issuing a plea for more parents to unwind, for the greater good of humanity.

Having Money Issues? Unwinding Is the Best Option

The recent economic crisis brought many issues to families, mainly issues dealing with money. One of the better ways to deal with these issues is unwinding. Unwinding is a completely safe option for children, and it is completely free of charge. Your child can be used to save lives, and be hailed as a hero for many, all if they are unwound. Money will be easier to manage, and your child will have gone on to a more noble cause. Unwinding will be the best option.

Still Have Questions?

If parents are still on the fence about unwinding, we are welcoming special guests at a seminar on at the new harvest camp in Merkel on December 12th from 1-6 pm. Entrance is free and refreshments will be provided. World renowned unwind surgeons Dr. Meeks and Dr. Farley will answer all questions and ensure that unwinding is the best option.