Cavazos Middle School

It's Who We Are

Weekly Update 1/21-1/25

Cavazos will be a B! We, Us, Ours, Together! It takes us ALL. It's Who We Are!

Mission: Progress for ALL

Goals: Literacy and 10 plus

Values: Positivity, Community, Growth

75% approaching, 30% meets, 15% masters

District Mission: We will prepare students for life by nurturing, developing, and inspiring every child every day.

Take a Minute to Reflect. On a scale of 1-10, how passionately and consistently are you pursuing our Mission, Goals, and Values? Is there something else you can do?

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This Week, 1/21 - 1/25


  • Staff/Student Holiday- Martin Luther King Jr Day


  • PBIS Tier 2 Meeting
  • Fire Drill 9:15
  • Wrestling @ CMS


  • Cavazos Staff Meeting
  • Boys Basketball @ Mackenzie
  • Girls Basketball @ Cavazos vs. Mackenzie


  • Donut Club
  • Honor Roll Breakfast!

6th grade Tireless Teacher- Taylor Dorsett

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All Staff Meeting January 22nd 4:15-5:15

This meeting is for all staff members.

Not just 8th grade!

Cavs are Amazing!!! Thank you for your Support for our First Responders

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PBIS or SEL Tip of the Week!

Quiet Corrections

When a student is off task they are often seeking attention, so it is important for teachers to remove the stage when addressing them. Avoid using shame and intimidation to correct a student; instead quietly and quickly bend down and whisper to the student what you would like them to do and the consequence they will receive if the expectation is not met, then move away. If the student still does not comply, administer an appropriate consequence. Quiet corrections allow you to remain in control of the situation and keeps the public stage out of the student interaction.

Classroom Tip of the Week!

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2nd Annual Cavazos TMSCA Meet

On January 25th we are hosting our 2nd annual Cavazos UIL/TMSCA meet for math and science (woohoo!).

Last year was a success because of you and we are ready to do it again. We need helpers to:

1. Bring hospitality items the day before

2. Work Concession stand from 7:45 to 11:00 and/or 10:00 to the end(1:00ish)

3. Proctor Tests for 7:45-11:00

4. Grade Tests From 8:30-1:00ish)


Follow Link to Sign Up to Volunteer

In Case You Missed It...

First Semester PBIS Reward Party

Cav Time Corner


The upcoming Cavazos Family Bingo Night is coinciding with our Book Fair Week! Woo! We will get more info about the Bingo Night next week, but we want to encourage families who attend to take time to visit the book fair happening in the library. SO, here's where Cav Times come in: On Tuesday, you'll find several "pennants" in your box ready to be cut out and decorated. Have your Cav Time students decorate one pennant for, 1. each book they've finished, 2. a book/each book your Cav Time has read together, 3. the book they're currently reading.

The idea is to decorate the "path" between the cafeteria and library with these "pennants" from the ceiling! We need to have them finished by February 7th!

Get excited! It's going to be great!

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Thank you Mr. Mason

Thank you for coordinating and producing our digital thank you card to the Board of Trustees. It looks terrific!

Please Make a Suggestion ASAP

Cavazos will have ONE student represent us at the school board meeting on Thursday. This child will need to be able to express articulately, in his/her own words why they appreciate the things the Board of Trustees has done. IE Programs they enjoy and why.
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Gimme 3... is meant to have you pause, reflect, and generate 3 ideas to the topic and share with someone.

Gimme 3...things you plan to ask your accountability partner.


Team Gravy Update!

Team Grey= 11 Points Team Navy= 8 Points

It is a close race at this point! Come on Team Gravy!

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