All about me

Xènia Bullich Rey


One of my hobbies is tennis, I play tennis in my town every Tuesday.

Another of my hobby is listening to music, I don't have a favourite singer or band, so I listen a lot of types of music.


My parents are 50 years old. I don't have any brother or sister. I have got 2 grandmothers and 1 grandfather. I have got 6 cousins, 4 of my cousins are older than me, and I have 2 cousins that are younger thant me, and I have a lot of uncles.

Physical Description

I'm Xènia Bullich Rey and I am 14 years od. I'm have got long black hair, brown eyes. I'm quite tall, I am normal heigh.

I'm a kind and social person, i'm funny, when someone is sad I try to make him or her smile. I'm intelligent and an impatient person.

My free time

In my free time I do many things, if I am at home i listen to music, but if I'm in the street I meet my friends or I go to my friends' home and we watch a movie or we talk of our things.

Likes and dislikes

I like playing tennis, meeting friends and staying all day with my friends. I love listening to music or sleeping. But I don't like doing homework or study.

My pet

I have got a pet, her name is Griseta, she is 4 years old. She's a grey and black cat.

She isn't very affectionate but she is a loving cat.

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