Oral Presentation

Share your research with the class!

Learning Targets:

MN State Standard:

  • I can present claims and findings while respecting intellectual property.
  • I can present key points in a focused manner using descriptions, facts, details, and examples.
  • I can use appropriate eye contact and body language while presenting.
  • I can use appropriate volume and clear pronunciation while presenting.

MN State Standard:

  • I can adapt a speech to a variety of contexts, audiences, takes, and feedback from self and others.
  • I can use feedback from self and others to adapt my speech.
  • I can use academic language when indicated or appropriate.

MN State Standard

  • I can effectively include digital and/or visual displays in presentations.

Here's a list of "to do's" to get you started...

Choose one subtopic that your ISM group researched. This may be the topic that you researched individually OR a topic that another group member found a source for. Choose what you think is the most interesting and you will be able to explain the best! (Example... My "ISM" was racism, I was assigned the subtopic: Politics, but I am more interested in the subtopic my group mate researched: Education-- so I will choose that one!)

Create a digital component (slideshow) to guide your presentation. You may use any presentation app you prefer. Some common choices include: HaikuDeck, Keynote, Google Slides, Prezi, Explain Everything, Pickochart, and Flowboard (NO Book Creator-- it is NOT a presentation app!)

  • Must have a minimum of 3 HIGH QUALITY images. Places to find high quality images if Google isn't giving you what you need: Pixabay and Flickr Commons.
  • No more than 8 words per slide. You WILL NOT read from your slides, they just serve as a visual for your audience and should match what you are saying at the time.
  • The last page of your slideshow will be a WORKS CITED page. You must cite the information you include as well as the pictures that you incorporate in the presentation (create works cited page in EasyBib).
  • No more than 5 slides.
  • You may also include a short video (under 60 seconds) if you so choose, but this is not required.

Create speaker notes / notecards. If the presentation app you are using has a "speaker notes" feature-- you can type out your speech outline right there in your presentation (Google Slides and Keynote both have this... I'm not sure about the other apps). If speaker notes are not an option, you will write out paper notecards to guide your speech.

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!! Practice in the mirror, practice by recording yourself on your iPad, practice in front of your friends, practice in front of a parent/guardian, practice in front of your pets, practice in front of your stuffed animals (Uhhh... what stuffed animals...)

Just practice, okay? Okay.