The Transistor

By: Alex Bootie

Need & Purpose of the Transistor

Before transistor we used tubes and electromagnetically switches to complete electrical circuits. But the problem was that they needed to be heated up first in order to work and sometimes you risked the possibility of them overheating. So we really needed something small and compact to replace those big and bulky circuitry and used too much energy to run.

It’s really simple and really complex at the same time. It is a tiny silicon device that is a miniature switch that can do 2 different jobs, an amplifier or a switch. If it works as an amplifier it takes a tiny electrical current and produces a bigger electric current. I.E. it is used in hearing aids. It also has its job as a switch it can be found in basically every computer ever made. They started as nothing now they are in everything you own.

I would categorize it under Physical Sciences and maybe some parts of chemistry because of how it is made. Circuitry.

The Past

Who invented this magical device? It was by a team of scientists William Shockley, John Bardeen, and Walter Houser Brattain. The team of brilliant minds invented the Transistor in 1947. The purpose behind the transistors were to replace the ones they were currently using. The ones they had were big and bulky and no convenient at all and most of them took time to warm up and would burn you if you tried to touch them.

How has The Transistor changed over time? Well it has decreased in size. When it was first created back in 1947 it was still considered large but compact and as time took its toll on the Transistor it became more and more smaller. Now these day we have Transistors smaller than dimes! There were no key people in its evolution it was just taken in by companies and they worked their magic to make the Transistor smaller and more efficient. How have improvements in technology and increasing scientific understanding led to developments with this technology? Like I stated before it was improved upon by companies who took it in and make it smaller and compact. The transistor took a major roll in electronics. Basically if it didn't exist today our computer and phones would be huge and bulky and run the risk of over heating.

The Present Day Transistor

what is the most current version of the transistor on the market you can buy? The most newest version of the transistor is the Seven-Nanometer Transistor by IBM but it is not for sale yet so you will have to go find the second newest which is the Junction Transistor. Who currently makes the Transistors? Pretty much every electrical company, heres a few popular ones off the top of my head, Apple INC and IBM are the leading people who create new technology so they are constantly working with them and updating them so they work in their new technology. How available is this technology to the public? I'm going to say pretty much. The fact is that it has been around for nearly 70 years now and that it is still being improved on just tells you that its super available. its everywhere and you might even be using it without even know it. Do a google search to buy a Transistor you get millions of results from around the world. the current price for a Transistor varies by company but I did some research and found out that the normal Transistor can be purchased from as cheap as $5 to $45 in the America.

Future of the Transistor

What does the future hold for the Transistor? The future holds endless possibilities, Just look around you its everywhere from your toaster to your car to your tv to your phone. Even though it may be old it is a very essential piece of technology which none of us can live without anymore. There are still advancements that can be done with the Transistor, it is improving daily. now all we can do is sit back and watch what scientists do with it next. it has a future on which none of can think of. The Transistor does not need to be improved upon anymore it is perfect the way it is but yet scientist keep creating new technology which demands for the Transistor to be made smaller and more advanced at the rate it is going it will be so small you can't see it. So in conclusion The Transistor is the reason why you are even reading the words on the screen and that it was one of the most important inventions of the 20th century.

The End, but not for the Transistor