Benton Weekly Update

Week 27: March 8-12, 2021

Quarter Ending Friday, Digital Citizenship, Looking Forward

The 3rd Quarter will end on Friday this week, and Quarter Progress Reports will be sent home a week after that.

Throughout the month of March, students will participate in Digital Citizenship lessons on Wednesdays. With so much of our lives being conducted online, it is important for students to understand how to navigate safely in a digital world. Ask your child about what they are learning and take this opportunity as a family to decide how you will help them safely interact online.

8th Graders who will be attending La Mirada HS have the opportunity to register to try out for various teams: Cheer, Dance, Color Guard, and Tennis. See the links below.

Mark your calendars for Spring Pictures and 8th Grade Promotion Pictures on 3/17!

Bridging both Women's History Month and Art Education Month, I've chosen to highlight Lilly Pulitzer. If you've ever wondered where I (Ms. R) get my wildly colorful clothes and accessories, look no further. The colors and prints inspire me and make me happy, and as Lilly said, "Anything is possible with sunshine and a little bit of pink." We could all use a little sunshine and pink these days.

The Board of Education met last Monday and decided the following regarding schools reopening:

  • State Preschool, Special Education Self-Contained Classes (Preschool, K - 2nd), and Transition Kindergarten - 2nd grades (including 2-3 combos) will return on Monday, March 29, 2021.
  • Head Start Programs, Special Education Self-Contained Classes (3rd - 5th), and 3rd - 5th grades will return after Spring Break on Monday, April 12, 2021
  • At this time, our middle school and high school students are not eligible to return to in-person instruction due to Los Angeles County Department of Public Health guidelines. You can read a copy of Superintendent John Lopez's letter to families posted here.

Women's History Month: Lilly Pulitzer Entrepreneur/Artist/Designer

In 1959 Lilly Pulitzer wasn't satisfied being just a housewife, and needed a project of her own. Her husband owned several Florida citrus groves, so she opened a juice stand in Palm Beach. Lilly Pulitzer’s juice business was a hit, but squeezing oranges, lemons, limes, and pink grapefruit made a mess of her clothes. Realizing that she needed a juice stand uniform, Lilly asked her dressmaker to design a dress that would camouflage the stains. The result? A comfortable sleeveless shift dress made of bright, colorful printed cotton in pink, green, yellow and orange. Although her customers liked Lilly’s juice, they loved her shift dresses.

Soon Lilly was selling more shift dresses than juice, so she decided to stop squeezing and focus on designing distinctive colorful print fabric and selling her “Lillys.” Lilly Pulitzer became a fashion sensation and a creator of authentic American resort wear as we know it. The brand just celebrated its 60th anniversary and continues to create authentic printed styles straight from the in-house print design studio.

What's up this week?

Sees Candies Fundraiser

Support Benton PTSA and enjoy some sweet treats from See's Candies! The online fundraiser is available through 3/19. Your purchase of See's Candies will benefit the Benton PTSA and will be shipped directly to your home. We have some fun school wide prizes too!!! Click on this link to purchase your See's Candies.

After School Tutoring

Tutoring is available Monday-Thursday from 3-4:30. The updated Tutoring schedule is linked here. Students can also contact their teachers for questions, clarification, and additional support during office hours from 2-3pm Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri.

NJAHS Creativity Camp 3/8-3/12 2-3pm

All registered members of the National Junior Art Honor Society should have picked up their Art Kit at school in preparation for the week's Creativity Camp. Via zoom from 2-3pm.

Wednesday is Period 2A 9am-10am.

Log into your period 2A Zoom from 9-10, then work on homework, projects, reading, other asynchronous work.

Coming up...

Pi Day 3.14

How will you celebrate Pi Day, March 14th? You know, 3.14, pi!

Spring Pictures ~ Wed. 3/17

Spring Pictures and 8th Grade Promotion Pictures will be taken on Wednesday, March 17. You will be receiving some additional emails from Mr. Webster (or LifeTouch) about ordering pictures. For the picture day, here are some details:

1. Pictures will be taken from 10:15-3:00 (so students can attend synchronous classes)

2. Cars should enter the East driveway entrance on Olive Branch (as if you were using the circular driveway)

3. Cars will wait in line until it is time to let your student out at the door to the MPR. A staff member will be there to direct you.

4. After students have entered the MPR for their picture, parents will pull their cars forward to the main parking lot to wait for their student.

8th Grade students should come dressed to have a formal picture on March 17. Because of Covid Guidelines, we cannot provide a promotion gown for students to wear in the picture. These are the pictures we will use with the Promotion Certificates (and hopefully, the yearbook) and this is our only day for pictures. If you miss the picture day, you will need to contact LifeTouch about a personal sitting.

Spotlight on Learning ~ Stagecraft

Stagecraft students have been learning about Foley Sound, a method of using objects to create sound effects for a movie or stage production. Students were given a choice of Pixar shorts without any sound and had to recreate sound effects like a Foley artist would do. Here is Sasha’s:

Foley Project - Sasha Perez.mp4

Spotlight on Learning ~ 6th Grade Social Science

Students in Mr. Gallo's class have been learning about Ancient Egypt and creating projects to demonstrate what they have learned. Jacob created an Ushabti out of clay and wrote up how these were used in Ancient Egypt.
Big picture
Big picture

Opportunities for 8th Graders attending La Mirada High School

Register for La Mirada HS Cheer Try Outs

Are you an 8th grader and interested in trying out for Cheer at La Mirada HS? Complete the registration form at this link to find out more and try out for the 21-22 LMHS Cheer Team.

La Mirada HS Dance Team

La Mirada HS Color Guard

The LMHS Color Guard is one of the most award-winning teams on campus. They’ve received first place at every competition in over a year both in Marching Band and Winter Guard, and are the reigning WGASC High School “A” champions. 8th graders can join on Mondays and Wednesdays 2-4pm on zoom. To qualify for Color Guard, students must have minimum 2.5 GPA and good attendance for their classes. Register here to join.

Find out more about Benton!

We know that with the closure of Los Coyotes, many parents are considering which school is the best fit to meet their child's needs. For anyone who would like to learn more about Benton, we are offering Virtual Tours and are eager to share about our wonderful programs and staff! Check out our Choose Benton video here.

Want to learn more about Benton? Click here for a Bitmoji tour of Benton and its programs!

Need to speak with the School Counselor? The Doctor is In!

Dr. Sweney-Black is our School Counselor and she has created a virtual office. Click on the links below to see how she can help you.

Weekly Wellness with Ms. Allie

Hi guys,

I hope you are still off to a strong start with completing your work and getting everything in on time. Here are a few questions for this week! Click on this link here. Have a great week everyone (:

Clubs, Clubs, Clubs!

Chess Club ~ Tuesdays 2:30-3:15pm

For all the information on the Chess Club, join the Benton Chess Club GROUP in Schoology, Access Code WB3D-QF5R-ZS2Z9. Links for Zoom, as well as a parent permission form, are in the “Resources” folder. See you on Tuesday at 2:30.

Join the Bible Club

The Bible Club meets Wednesdays at 11:30am. The Schoology GROUP code (not a course) to join is 2CDP-XKHR-2HF8F

Join the Benton Dance Club!

Dance Instructor Miss Toni will be offering dance instruction Monday-Thursday from 2:30 to 3:30 via zoom. We know many students' regular activities have been cancelled in this time of COVID-19 and the school wanted to offer some additional recreation to students in the afternoon. All students are welcome to join and it is completely free for the students. If you are interested in joining the Benton Dance Club, please use this link.

Join The Diversity Club!

It's not too late to join! We welcome all and it's a fun way for students to connect and learn about diverse others. The Diversity Club meets on Tuesdays at 3pm.

The Schoology GROUP code (not a course) to join is 9R3C-297K-7Q89Q.

Updated Learning/Zoom Expectations

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Big picture

Distance Learning Support

Family Support Portal

These links might be helpful.

They can be found under the new tab on our website,

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