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A big Thank You to Doug for your heartfelt lesson this morning. You are such a godly man, open and honest and transparent. We appreciate your willingness to serve others.

Prayer Requests Dec. 2, 2012

  • Carman - unspoken; Colby has the flu; shoulder pain

  • Kim- praise shoulder is much better; Joe had a call from a company for a phone interview. Pray they call for 2nd interview and job; Miss Maggie's right leg sciatic nerve is causing issues; Uncle Hank pray for peace, sleep, and comfort

  • Ed - teachers and Security issues; traveling after next Sunday for a week in Savannah

  • Cindy - students coming home or getting ready for break ; traveling next week; Christmas with the in-laws; a peaceful Christmas would be nice.

  • Emily - Erica diagnosed with fibromyalgia and struggling with that; pushing people away. Pray she will come to the end of herself and realize she needs people. Don's birthday was yesterday.

  • Melissa- Randy backache and an unspoken; mother will be meeting with oncologist and other doctors before Christmas. Families in Connecticut.

  • Remember to pray for the children and adults in Connecticut. They will have emotional issues for years.

Notes From Today's Lesson (my version...feel free to disagree or correct me)

JOB chapters 1-3

They realized when they saw Job his pain was too great and there was nothing they could do. So, they just sat with him for seven days.

Job curses the day he was born then wished he was dead. He referred to them as "sorry comforters."

Better to be silent and thought a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Job 40. God's response to Job

Job 42. Job admits to not knowing what God knows

We have a God who understands our suffering. If God can bring good out of the killing of Jesus, do we believe He can bring good out of the tragedy in Connecticut.

Song lyrics ....Hallelujah, what a Savior!


December 19 6:30 pm Memorial Service

December 23 Matthew's birthday


December 23 regular Sunday schedule

December 24 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 5 pm

December 24-28. Church office closed

December 30 gulag Sunday schedule

Sunday , January 6. Sunday School Prayer Event 5:00 in Worship Center

Sunday, January 6 ONE service at 10:00 no Sunday School this day

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