Woodchuck Rundown

Vol 3 Edition 1

Woodstock's Newspaper goes DIGITAL

Welcome to the new digital version of the Woodchuck Rundown! We are so proud of our new and improved school e-newspaper and hope you enjoy and share it with family and friends.

Newspaper Editors: Triniti B. and Ariana C.

Photographers: Kahlil R., Emma A., Amber W., Jazelle J., Jackson M.

Journalism Club Sponsors: Ms. Stoyko and Mrs. Gressley


By Triniti B., Ariana C., and Drake A.

Woodchucks, have you met our Reading Teacher of the Year? Every year one teacher is selected and represents their school as the Reading Teacher of the Year. This year that teacher is the wonderful Ms. McZorn-Hines. Ms. McZorn-Hines started here at Woodstock six years ago and she enjoys teaching the wonderful children she meets every day and is inspired by them. Ms.McZorn-Hines loves taking part in book buddies, watching movies, playing volleyball, and coaching Girls on the Run! When she found out that she was selected as the Reading Teacher of the Year she was overwhelmed and filled with joy knowing that she was being recognized for all of her good work. As Woodstock's Reading Teacher of the Year she will be invited to a lavish banquet in the spring in honor of her selection. Ms. McZorn- Hines will also be entered into the city-wide Reading Teacher of the Year selection which would be an incredible honor to receive.

Village Inn Holiday Spirit Night

By: Chanel W., Kaleigh R., Audrey F., Adrianna M.

Village Inn Spirit Night was a night to talk about! The spirit night was held on December 7th, 2017. Families were able to wear their pajamas if they wanted. Santa was available for families to meet and take pictures with. Village Inn is known for their delicious breakfast and Woodstock families enjoyed eating breakfast for dinner, like eggs, bacon, and pancakes! Everyone had a really fun time at the Village Inn. Santa Claus pulled up in front of the building and there was a huge line to go see him! After a child got off the sleigh, an elf gave them a candy cane. All of the children were so happy because nobody can bring the joy like Santa Claus can. All of the families felt so happy that the kids had such a fun time at this annual family spirit night. Hope you came out and supported our school!

Woodstock Families at the Village Inn Spirit Night

5th Grade Homeless Project

By: Gaby C., Gabe H., Riley S.

Ms. Winn and Mrs.Wyman's classes had a successful community service project helping the homeless. They raised over $3,000 through bake sales, donations, odd jobs, lemonade sales, and fundraisers. On December 13 the two classes boarded buses and went shopping at Walmart. They went to purchase items such as sleeping bags, linens, toiletries, and many other much-needed items for the homeless. Mrs.Wyman took the homeless project over from a retired teacher and loves helping people in need. She also hopes her 5th-grade students learn about being good citizens and giving back to the community. While the students were shopping, a news crew was there to capture students shopping and spoke to several! It was a gratifying project for everyone involved.

5th Grade Chorus Concert

By: Amanda H., Zach P., Alma L., Laniya C.

On December 19th the 5th-grade chorus performed. Woodstock students were able to see the performances during the day while families were invited to the performance in the evening. They sang 5 songs including: “This Holiday”, “Mister Frosty Winter”, and a special song written by Mrs. Rojas and Mrs. Gressley, “The 12 Things My Teacher Said to Me”, sang to the tune of “The 12 Days of Christmas”.

Fifth Grade Chorus worked really hard to prepare the performance and were so excited to share it with the school. It took several weeks for the chorus to learn the songs and perfect their tunes. Some students were featured with solos during the songs and really showed off their skills. Mrs. Rojas and the Fifth Grade Chorus put on a great show!

Cup Stacking

By: Erika B. , Paityn R., Nelia R., and Ava A.

On November 11 Woodstock held it's annual cup stack day. Students participated in cup stacking stations, relays, and races. Cup stacking is a fun way to exercise your hands and brain. Mr. McVey picked students to be on cup stack teams. The fifth-grade cup stack team included Veronica W., Jason C., Sophyrrah C., and Aislinn M. The fourth-grade cup stack team was Brent H., Bryce H., Sage T., and Isabella N. The third-grade cup stack team was Carly E., Reese N., Kaki W. , Laniya C. There was even a fun fundraiser selling the cup stacking cups and some had really cool designs. You could also buy Pro cup stacks and cup stack mats. The students really enjoyed cup stacking and competing against each other.

Art Show

By: Emilee S., Aislinn M., Aiaysha H.

Pembroke Mall is hosting a Winter Art Show. This is an event where artwork from students citywide is on display. It will be on display until Jan. 31st. Mrs. Eberz was only allowed to choose ten student's artwork to display in the show. The lucky students who were chosen were all given letters notifying them that their artwork was on display at the Pembroke Mall.
Woodstock is also hosting a Winter Art Show. This event was held on the same night as the Woodstock Holiday Concert. Artwork from students was displayed in front of the gym on giant boards. Many of Woodstock's students were featured in this show.

Woodstock Angel Tree

By: Riley W., Bailey C., Maddox W., Reid J.

The angel tree is for kids in need. Students were able to take an angel off the angel tree. The angel had information about what gift to buy for the child. Then, students would shop for that child, wrap the gift, and return it to the tree. The wrapped gifts were then sent to the families and children in need. Students could get any amount of angels they wanted. They could pick if they wanted to buy a gift for a boy or a girl. The angels asked for things like pajamas or board games. This is a kind and giving way to help other children have a wonderful Christmas.


By: Laynee O., Kiki T., David C., and Carson H.

Woodstock recently held a food drive and over 700 cans of food were collected. All of the canned food went to the Woodstock's own food pantry. The SCA sponsored the food drive and held a competition to help encourage students to bring canned food. Four teachers were selected and the teacher with the most canned food would wear a turkey costume before Thanksgiving Break. The teachers were: Mr. McVey, Mrs. Rojas, Mrs. Dickens, and Mr. Draper. Mr. McVey said he wanted to dress up as a turkey and was always in the lead. He also said he had a blast and he agreed the SCA food drive was a success. Ms. Dickens was glad Mr. McVey won, but was willing to be a turkey for our school! Thank you, Woodchucks, for all of your donations!

Big picture
By; Brenna F., Todd F., Arianna B., Chris R.

MakerSpace is a place where you spread your imagination. It provides a hands-on, creative way to encourage students to design, experiment, build and invent as they engage in science and engineering. Woodstock’s Makerspace is located in the Learning Commons. If you go to Makerspace, the Woodstock Way is always observed. Mrs. Barre & Mrs. McDonald are the hosts and are always willing to help and guide students on their journey of discovery. Students do weaving, keyboarding, typing, and build various things using the shelves of supplies and recyclables that are donated. Plan a visit to Woodstock’s own Makerspace soon!

December Round the World Holiday Program

By: Isabel N., Nolan S., Emme I., Alexi L.

The fourth graders presented this year’s holiday program. Fourth grade performed “December ‘Round the World” and it had over 50 speaking parts! They performed the musical on Dec.19 at 6:30 PM with two performances during the day for the school. There were seven songs and some were: La Pinata, Gung Hay Fat Choy, and Pickle in a Tannenbaum. Each fourth-grade class focused on a different holiday tradition from different countries. Did you know in Germany they hide a pickle in the tree? It was fun to learn about different traditions! Mrs. Rojas organized the whole program and worked with over 100 students to put on the show. We hope you had a chance to see the show and enjoyed the music!


By: Jordan M., Isabella D., and Jazlynn E.

Woodstock has had several Spirit Days to show our school pride! Woodstock's SCA sponsors the Spirit Days and decides on each theme. Spirit Days were created to have fun dress up Fridays for the teachers and students. We talked to several teachers in the building and they shared their favorite themes for Spirit Day. Mrs. White’s favorite Spirit Day is Twin Day because she likes dressing up with a friend. Mrs. Rojas’s favorite Spirit Day is Disney Day because she likes Disney. Mrs. Gressley enjoyed Sports Day and liked showing off her Patriots’ pride! Mr. Lewis enjoyed sock day and wore them around his neck!! One of Miss Hare's favorite days to dress up is 80's day! This year, so far, we have dressed for; Harry Potter Day, Disney Day, Sock Day, Crazy Hair Day, Football Jersey Day, and Pajama Day. Before Winter Break started, Woodchucks were able to wear their pajamas to school! That was a huge hit with both students and staff! Make sure you listen for future Spirit Days and show off your Woodstock Pride!


Mrs. Eberz

By Margaret A., Ella B. and Kaitlyn S.

Hey Woodstock Woodchucks, have you seen the amazing artwork in the hallways? It’s all because of our amazing new art teacher, Mrs. Eberz!

This is Mrs. Eberz first year teaching at Woodstock. So Woodchucks when you see Mrs. Eberz make sure to give her a welcoming Woodstock wave.

Mrs. Eberz has been teaching for seven years. Before coming to Woodstock, Mrs. Eberz taught art at a high school, Green Run Collegiate School. She said she plans to teach here until she retires.

Mrs. Eberz’s first drawing was a rainbow because she used to love rainbows! An interesting fact about her is that she loves unicorns!

Mrs. Eberz favorite color is pink. She prefers to paint with watercolors. Mrs. Eberz has two pets at home, as well as a husband and a little boy. She is having her second baby at the end of January.

We feel so fortunate to have someone as creative and talented as Mrs. Eberz here at Woodstock and look forward to seeing all of the artwork she inspires.


By: Michael G., Sage T., Talon N., and Saniya R.

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