hepatitis a

colby bailey

info about hepatitis a

it is a infection that happens in your liver and is very contagious people will feel it in joints and stuff. and it may cause fever and loss of appetie. and may also cause yellow skin and weaight loss. ways to help is to tell a doctor r if it is very bad go to the er or hospital. when you get the vaccine you will have to rest for awhile and drink alot of water

can you cure hepatitis a

the answer is no there is no specific med that can cure you. most people just get the symptoms and dont get treatment. but if the symptoms get to bad they will need treatment and will need to recover. how hepatitis a is spread to person to person is through food or water and alson through sewage. it is more spread to kids or the elderly. even tho it can be prevented by a vaccine you still can get it if you dont have that. it is very short term between days or weeks
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