Smart goals


I will take my SAT on November 22nd, I will apply for college in my junior year in the spring. I will graduate from high school in the summer of 2019 and i will first apply for in my junior year, get into my senior year, then go to, UNC chapel Hill in 2023.


I will be a actuary, an actuary is a person that analyzes the financial consequences of risking money.(mathematics, statistics, etc.) I would get paid between $108,367 and $138,796 annually. All depending on location, company size, years of experience.

living and dwelling

I will stay in NC and will settle down in a 2 acre property with my wife and two dogs, I will get married on a beach after college, possible kids if I do have kids I having no more than 3. i will be driving a Range Rover and I 2016 matte black Camaro. My family will be very active and we will try to take annual vacations, and we will all play sports.