CSA Movement

by sean myers

history of csa

    The csa began in 1986. Though it began with very few people involved in the program in 1986 in just 26 years the csa programs have increased to 6000 maybe even 6500. The nsa is a program where farmers grow crops to feed its members and inturn the members support the farmers financially.

Benefits csa has for the society

    In csa farms herbicides, pesticides, artificial fertilizers and other harmful chemicals are not used so the food is chemical free and there is no polution to be concerned with. Another benefit of csa farms is they are able to produce nutrient enriched food with out sucking the nutrients out of the soil. Also most csas are frequently involved in educating young people who are interested in becoming farmers when they grow up. This type of community farming is not only better for our community but more importantly for our planet as well.

Benefits csa has for farmers

    In csa farming it is seen that the community share the risk in the harvest so if you have a bad season you are less likely to fall in debt but in the same sense if you have a goos season you must evenly distribute your goods.


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