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January 8, 2021

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Family Connection: Understanding Strong Feelings

This week we started a new unit all about emotional management. For the next four weeks, we will teaching lessons about how to help control our emotions.

What Is My Child Learning?

Your child is learning to focus attention on his or her body for clues about how he or she is feeling.

Why Is It Important?

Thinking about one’s feelings helps the thinking part of the brain start to get back in control. This helps children manage strong feelings.

Ask your child:

Where do you feel strong feelings in your body? Point to the places.

Read Together

When you have strong feelings, it’s hard for your brain to think. The feeling part of the brain can take over! When this happens, it’s like you “flip your lid” or lose control of the thinking part of your brain. Try to focus your attention on your body for clues about how you’re feeling. This gets your brain thinking again, so it can start to take back control.

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Free Breakfast and Hot Lunch Program Continues!

Effective immediately, breakfast and lunch will be FREE for all children ages 0-18 and up to age 26 if receiving special education services!! We urge you to take advantage of these free meals while we are able to provide them.

BlueJay Online: Lunch and breakfast will be available for pick-up at the below location:

Pick up will be at Shepherd High School Cafeteria in the bus loop and can be accessed from Chippewa Street. Wednesday 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM



To order online and ensure you have a free meals waiting for you, order Fridays at noon or before. at: Food Service questionnaire

Face to face students: Free breakfast and lunch will be offered daily.

Again, we urge you to take advantage of these FREE MEALS!!

Go BlueJays!!

January Breakfast Menu - Click Picture Below

January Lunch Menu - Click Picture Below

Friendly Reminder: Practice Student Health Screening Everyday

Thank you for screening your child everyday before they come to school. If your child has any of the symptoms below, please call the office.

If you or your child experience Covid-19 symptoms, been exposed to the virus, or tested positive for the virus, please call the school district’s Covid-19 hotline at (989) 804-4004.

If there is a concern, we would rather you keep your child home to be safe. We have to follow the recommendations from the health department. The more we work together, the longer we can keep our kids and staff safe and keep school open.

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Winn Elementary 2020 National Blue Ribbon School

We appreciate all of the kindness and grace that has been offered to us throughout the year. Thank you for sharing your child with our family here at Winn. We are so happy to be able to open our doors back to our students. If your family needs help with social-emotional needs or food, please contact me. My door is always open for our families.