United We Stand, Divided We Fall

John Marshall for President

Why Should I Vote for Marshall?

John Marshall supports a Federalist viewpoint, but he is cautious of state and individual rights. He believes in a limited government: strong enough to defend and support, lenient enough to conform to the wishes of the public. By doing so, Marshall layed the basis of the United States Constitution, which has been in action 227 years and counting. Marshall also strengthened and improved the federal court system. Previously, the judiciary branch of the government was not equivalent with the other two branches. Marshall ensured that it became equal, helping people all over the country to have a fair chance.

We Won't Make You Leave

Andrew Jackson, Indian Killer

Andrew Jackson has murdered thousands of Native Americans on the Trail of Tears. Why give him the power to do the same to us? By electing him as president, we put our lives in his hands. Do you really think you should trust someone who has already proven themself as a murderer?

VOTE FOR MARSHALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!