Megan Nutter

Student at NLMS


I play volleyball and basketball at my school. Between the two, I would prefer volleyball. My favorite thing to do in volleyball is hit. Usually, I am a back row player, but this year I hope to play front row. I love basketball, but volleyball is my true passion. I hope that I will be able to play club ball soon, if I can get enough money.


I play basketball at my school. Basketball is a way for me to forget about everything going wrong in my life, and just have fun. I love basketball, but I don't love it to the point where it is all that I think about. When I'm playing, I'm not worrying about what everyone is going to think about me afterwards. I play basketball for me, not anyone else.


I spend a lot of my free time reading. I mostly like to read adult/teen fiction. When I was younger, my mom would have to force me to read because I hated it so much. Last year, in 7th grade, was really the first year I read. My teacher recommended a book called "Maximum Ride", and that book series became my favorite books to read. I also read for a competition at my school called Battle Over Books.


Summer is my favorite time of year. During summer, I like to do a lot of stuff. I like to run a lot during the summer when it's not too hot. I also like to read during the summer. My family and I usually go to the movies a lot too. Summer is also a good time for me to practice volleyball and basketball. This summer, I have to do summer work for my honors english class, but hopefully that wont take a whole lot of time. Also, my birthday is in summer, so if I get a lot of money for my birthday, I usually go shopping. Summer can never come soon enough.


I have a total of 4 animals. I have 2 dogs, and 2 cats. One of my cats are inside, while the other is outside. The inside cats name is Max, and the outside cats name is Whiskers. I have had Whiskers for 2 years, and Max for about 7 months. Both of my dogs are outside. I have one named Molly, and her daughter, Bella. I have had both of them for many years, ever since I was little.


In my family, I have my mom, my dad, my sister, and me. My moms name is Missy, short for Melissa, my dads name is Tracy, and my sisters name is Ashley. My mom is a secretary at New Lexington High School. My dad works at Anchor Hocking in Lancaster, and my sister is a sophomore at New Lexington High School. Although we fight a lot more than we should, we all love each other.