Guidance Update

Homebound and Attendance Oh My!

Absences and Technology

I love how technology friendly our school is! With that being said, our students are super savvy when it comes to figuring out the easiest or should I say the way that requires the least amount of manual labor when turning things in. It came to my attention this week when I was holding a truancy intervention meeting that students might be emailing you their parent/doctor excuses. If this happens... please forward them to Joni or Cathy so that we can mark them in Powerschool. Thanks!!!


Helpful Tips and Procedures:

  • Copy Robyn Smith on all email correspondence with homebound teachers
  • Keep a log of all work you give to your homebound teacher in case the teacher/student states they did not receive the work (recommended)
  • If you are not receiving work on a regular basis from your homebound students please email Robyn Smith to let her know
  • Please contact Robyn Smith if there are any questions about homebound grades
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