Character Texture

Ryan Morgan

Character Playblast

Colour Pallet

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I chose these colours to use for the creature because I wanted it to take on a very reptile feeling. When choosing the colours I thought of what a reptile alien creature would look like and I thought of a walking crocodile like humanoid, so I gave it croc skin and I used appropriate shaders that blended nicely with the original material. For the teeth I used an off-white and a darker desaturated tan. I also added a little red to the teeth for a blood effect to add to its ferocity.


Throughout the assignment I found it somewhat difficult to move around the program but as I used it, it became easier. One roadblock I hit was trying to figure out how to add a generator, whenever I would add one nothing would show up. I soon figured out that I needed it to be on a fill layer with a mask. After figuring that out I solved my problem and was able to add my generators that I needed for the texture.