My Digital Footprint

Final Exam: Isabelle Ivy-Raydl

What is a Digital Footprint?

A digital footprint is a mark that you leave online. A picture that you posted, blogs that you've made to share with others, or basically anything that you do online is a digital footprint. It is the things that you left on the internet and it could be a very good thing, but also could be a very bad thing which is why digital footprints are very important. You have to be careful of the things that you post online because the footprints you leave show everything anyone would need or want to know about you. So, if you post disrespectful or generally negative things, it can impact you future negatively.

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My Digital footprint!

My digital footprint consists of mainly good things. I post pictures and show through my social media that I like to spend time with my friends and be active. I show that I play basketball and volleyball so far and there are many other activities that I will share when the time comes. Three examples of the social media I use that leaves my footprints are Instagram, Twitter, and Blogger. I use these social medias to communicate with my friends and share my memorable moments with other people. These ways of using the internet impact my digital footprint because they help me share pictures, ideas, and videos of my life into the internet world. Which stays there forever.

Some Pictures of the Footprints I've left!

What impact can my footprint have on my future?

By leaving these footprints on the internet, these can help with people that are trying to find out more information about me and what kind of a person I am. When I trying to get in for a college or apply for a certain job, a lot of the times they might look your name up to see what kind of things show up because your footprints show everything they need to know about you. These colleges or jobs are looking for people to represent them. If the see things of violence, drugs, disrespect, or anything negative they are most likely going to turn you away and not have anything to do with you. If I continue to be the person that I am today or become an even better person, colleges and jobs will not have to worry about me as a bad person.

How I can improve my online Identity

Ways that I could improve myself to make myself an even better person online would be show that I like to volunteer for activities to help others outside of school, compliment people regularly to make them feel good, or even disconnecting people that are not good people themselves. Being connected with friends or people a school that do drugs, drink, or just negative things generally can be a risk as well for your future because that can be seen too.

The most important thing I've learned this semester!

The most important thing that I have learned this semester is that the internet and social media is not just for fun and games. It can really impact your life if you are careless about the thing you do or post on the internet. Everything you leave on the internet will follow you whether it's good or bad. So, It is best to be careful, smart, and a good person overall when you are using the internet.