Jacques Times

Jenna Jacques

Brown County Grass Fire

On Sunday, April 12th an enormous grass fire broke out in Howard Wisconsin. Four friends Molly, Jada, Jenna, and Mia were there when it happened, and made a lucky escape.

It was a warm Sunday afternoon, the sun was shining, and it was beautiful day. The four girls decided to go on a nature walk at Ken Euers nature center. They headed out in Molly's car and made it to the dead end where the nature center was located. They saw many other cars and decided to venture into the woods. Not long after, Jada said "Guys look." They all turned towards the little patch of smoke at the other end of the field. They wondered what it was, but didn't think anything of it. Just 5 minutes later, she pointed it out again, except this time the smoke was much larger and darker. "Woaw!" said the girls, not quite understanding how serious it was.

They ran back to the car hoping to go check it out. As they were turning the corner to exit the nature area, they realized it was something much worse. A forest fire had began, and was blocking the only exit they had. They began to panic as they stopped the car. They wondered if they should go through, or run the other way. They agreed to drive through the smoke and flames on the side of the road. After about 60 feet of smoke and fire they made it through. They reached the other end of the road and couldn't believe what just happened. They immediately called 911.

As time went on the fire became bigger and began to travel. The girls couldn't believe that on a typical Sunday afternoon, something very crazy happened. They were lucky to be alive.

Sea Animals in Hawaii

While a mother and her two daughters were sitting on a beach in Kauai, Hawaii, they heard something that excited them. "Look! There is a big turtle on the beach!" The girls immediately shot up from their beach towels to look towards the crowd of people. Of course, there was a large turtle on the sand. They began to jog towards the creature, cameras in hand.

As they got closer, they saw cones surrounding the turtle. Those were to keep space from the turtle and protect it. The girls were amazed and excited at what they saw, and took many pictures of the turtle. They stood and watched the unexpected event, as did many others. The waves would hit the turtle, and eventually bring him back into the water.

Minutes before the turtle entered the water again, the girls heard another voice. "Please keep your distance from the seal!" said the lifeguard. The girls were shocked. Was there a seal on the beach too? Then once again, they jogged towards the crowd of people. Sure enough, the seal was swimming towards shore. It took its time and relaxed in the water, while lifeguards began putting up posts and rope to protect this creature as well. Once again, the girls had their cameras ready and took multiple pictures of the seal.

The seal finally made its way to the sand, and the crown became smaller. The girls left after about 10 minutes. They couldn't believed they had seen two sea animals at the beach in one morning!

Balloon Battle

On Thursday, February 27th, 8th graders in the Aquarius house at Bay View Middle School were running around with balloons tied to their ankles. This may sound weird, but it was all for fun and games. They were playing a game called Balloon Battle for their mid-quarter incentive. Students that continued to do good work throughout the quarter were allowed to participate in this activity.

The game is played by simply attaching a balloon to your ankle using string. From there, you and your team run around the gym trying to stomp on other teams ballon. Of course, other teams are doing the same to you. Players from each team were heard saying "Be quick! Let's Win!" If you are not quick enough, your ballon could fall off. Once all of your balloons are gone, you are out. The last team with a player that has their balloon still blown up and attached to their leg, wins.

The 8th graders had lots of fun doing this activity this winter. They got to learn teamwork, while having fun. They got a break from school, while getting exercise. Balloon Battles at Bay View Middle School are a fun and energetic incentive for teachers and students that attend.