Zitzman 411

Week of May 6th - 10th

What's Happening This Week:

Teacher Appreciation Week!

Monday: Shared Leadership Action Team @7:45am. Professional Learning Action Team @ 3:45pm. K-2 Writer's Workshop with Barb Savin. Lighthouse Leaders and Armstrong at the Spring Planning Meeting.

Tuesday: PLC's Team Savage Running Club @ 3:40pm. Family Learning Action Team @ 4:00pm.

Wednesday: Student Learning Action Team @ 7:30am. KDG Purina Farm Field Trip. 2nd Grade Planet Fitness/Union Park Field Trip.

Thursday: ZE Staff Meeting @ 7:30am.

Friday: Field Day. (NO Letter Day). Building Catered Meal for Volunteers & Staff.

LEADERSHIP DAY- Brought to you by Lighthouse Leaders

Leadership Day 5/17 unless Field Day is rained out and then it will be on 5/10

Who: 1st grade, 2nd Grade, and 3rd Grade students only

Where: Cafeteria-Have signs displayed on desks around the perimeter of the cafeteria

3rd grade teachers take their students to the cafeteria at the following time: 2:00-2:25

2nd grade teachers take their students to the cafeteria at the following time: 2:30-2:55

1st grade teachers take their students to the cafeteria at the following time: 3:00-3:25


All Leadership role teachers will need to select three 4th or 5th grade students to present their boards.

Please have the following Leadership Boards near each other b/c some leadership roles will be put together for next school year.




End of the Year Technology

Teachers are expected to save all of their items onto the network or convert documents to your Google Drive. You may not get your same hard drive next year.

Moving Directions

  1. Mark your teacher PC with the yellow sheet with next year's classroom number.
  2. Save items to the shared drive
  3. Convert documents to google
  4. Teachers moving to another building----Turn in your Zitzman issued Chromebook to Mrs. Carrico by May 23

Counselor's Corner:

Week of 5/6 - Unfortunately I am still in the midst of MAP make-up tests. Classes will be postponed.

Due to all of the activities throughout the rest of the year I will have everyone sign up for their last class with me at a convenient time for you. I will post this in the lounge and/or bring to PLCs.

Library News

May 10th - All library books are due. This will give us time to get them back on the shelves and send out notices for any “missing” books

May 21st- at 3:00--Book Club Celebration.

Congratulations to Kariann Dryer on accepting the Zitman and Pacific Intermediate Library Media Specialist position for the 2019-2020 school year. Please welcome Mrs. Dryer to Zitzman Elementary.

PBL Project Idea:

The first full week of every May is "Teacher Appreciation Week" (this year it's May 6th-10th), and that's the inspiration for this exercise. Students will consider the qualities of a great teacher (of course, they must first define the term "great teacher"), and then choose a teacher (past or present) who has possessed those qualities. Then students must decide how they can show appreciation for that teacher in a way that fits the spirit of the week (i.e. reminding a teacher that his or her hard work is appreciated), and can be achieved with limited resources. Hopefully this is something students can have fun with at this time of year... here's the link: http://pblproject.com/page.aspx?pageid=PBL-ww-Teacher-Appreciation

Health Insurance Meeting---ALL Staff

Dr. Mulford will be at Zitzman this week to share information regarding district benefits. This is a great opportunity for staff to learn how to save money and earn money with our district offered benefits. It is highly encouraged that staff receiving district benefits join one of these meetings.

Tuesday, May 7th at 4 p.m.- Library

Thursday, May 9th at 7:30 a.m.- Library (Also our staff meeting date)

Teacher Appreciation Week Activities

Monday- Donuts sponsored by Zitzman Office

Tuesday- Fried Chicken Luncheon sponsored by Zitzman Office & Support Staff

Wednesday- Chair Massages sponsored by MVR-III Wellness Program

Thursday- Pasta and Salad Luncheon sponsored by MVR-III Central Office & Board of Education. Chair Massages sponsored by MVR-III Wellness Program

Friday- Swag Bag Goodies sponsored by Zitzman Office & PTO

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