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CCIL Statewide Resources - October's Theme: Goal Setting

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Four Ways to Engage

Greetings!! We are the California Coalition for Inclusive Literacy (CCIL) a five-county grant-funded collaboration supporting literacy development through universally-designed professional learning. CCIL is a collaboration between CAST--the creators of Universal Design for Learning,--the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE), and the California Department of Education (CDE). Our goal is to equip teachers and paraeducators with tools and strategies to ensure all students, including English Learners and students with disabilities, can access grade-level content standards in inclusive classroom environments.

To that end, whether you have 5 or 45 minutes to engage, this monthly newsletter will orient you to four ways to expand your repertoire every month based on the following thematically-linked topics:

  • August: Assessment
  • September: Mindset
  • October: Goal Setting
  • November: Barriers
  • December: Options
  • January: Expert Learning
  • February: Self-Reflection
  • March: Literacy Across the Curriculum
  • April: Meaning Making
  • May: Writing

Below you will find the four resources related to this month's topic: Goal-Setting These resources include the following:

  1. The Got a Minute? Learning Series - flexibly designed PD modules
  2. A featured resource from the Learning Designed website, CAST's online platform for sharing resources
  3. A free monthly webinar series delivered by CCIL Implementation Specialists
  4. Top Tips! - A handy publication highlighting best practices linked to the monthly theme

We'd love to hear your feedback about the resources, as it will inform how we continue to structure these statewide resources.


Your CCIL colleagues, Shamryn, Becky, Elisa, Elise, and Wyatt

Time is an educator's kryptonite!

The Got a Minute? Learning Series recognizes this challenge and provides educators with the flexibility to choose their learning pathway based on the amount of time they have available. The series is designed around chunks of time. Each module is divided into 10, 20 and 45 minutes of Learning.

The overall goals of the Got a Minute? Learning Series are to:

  • Deepen understanding of inclusive literacy practices and strategies
  • Explore best practices to support all learners

  • Apply learning by designing or revising a product to support all learners

The series can be utilized by individual educators, a group of colleagues, or school teams as the same content is provided in both google slides and online course options.

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Learning Designed Highlighted Feature

Learning DesignedTM is a state-of-the-art online platform for professional learning, credentialing, and collaboration. It provides personalized experiences for educators within a robust community of support. Learning Designed harnesses the inclusive, evidence-based, UDL framework to help educators design for learner variability and improve learning outcomes. Learning Designed includes a growing list of global learning resources and field-developed micro-credentials so our education workforce (educators, education leaders, preservice educators, curriculum designers, and product developers) is prepared to support learner-centered design.
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Top Tips! for Inclusive Literacy by Design

Top Tips! presents best practices related to the monthly thematic topic. This month's one-doc- stop highlights seven tips for creating flexible, engaging, and relevant assessments. Be sure to check out the quick-read to learn more about universally designed assessments and connections specific to the California Assessment System.

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Monthly Webinars

Starting in September, on the second Monday of every month, we will offer a webinar related to the monthly topic. This 9-part series is especially relevant as we welcome students back to classrooms. We will explore how to support the literacy development of all students in inclusive and equitable learning environments through the lens of Universal Design for Learning. Educators grappling with accelerating learning in the face of barriers and student variability will find this series timely and relevant.

Upcoming Webinar: Goal-Setting - October 11, 2021 3:30 - 4:30 PM PT

Goals are the foundation of any effective learning experience. When we clarify what we want learners to accomplish, then we can design learning experiences and flexible assessments that support student agency and ownership of learning. In this session, we will explore how to separate the means from universally designed goals that focus instruction to empower both educators and learners.

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