Admiral Updates

What a great first week of school it has been!

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Thank you for a great first week back to school! We were so glad to welcome you and your child/ren back to the building! While we hope you had a restful summer, we are so glad to be back doing what we love to do. Thank you for entrusting us with your most prized possession(s)!

Please take a few moments to review our Parent and Student Handbook which can be found here!

Drop off and Pick up Procedures

Drop off and pick up have been a work in progress, but overall running smoothly. Please be reminded that as of Monday, parents of K-1 students will no longer be able to walk their student to the classroom. If you are in need of assistance, please find one of the Anderson staff members out front and we will gladly walk your child to class! Please also note that since parents will not be walking students into the building any longer, golf carts should remain in the designated area across the street from the crossing guard on the side of the street with the maroon Ashley High School sign. This will be effective Monday for drop off and pick up! Also, please keep all animals off campus- this is for the safety of all students and staff.


Students may enter the building at 7:25 am when the bell rings. We ask that you do not allow your student to walk or arrive on campus prior to that as there will not be adult supervision. Also, please be aware of staff members who are arriving and need access to parking spaces! Students who arrive after 7:50am will need to be checked in with an adult. If you pull up and your child is struggling to get out of the car, please go ahead and pull into a parking space to allow them time so you are not holding up the entire drop off line. We appreciate your help with this so we can get all of our students in as quickly as possible!

Also, please remember that our drop off line is 1 lane! Please do not drive on the opposite side of the road to pass cars in the line!


Thank you for your patience as we try and dismiss as safely as possible!

Please make sure teachers and the front office know about any changes in transportation going home prior to 1:45pm each day. There is no student check out after 1:45pm.

Walkers- Any parents meeting a walker must remain in designated places. Please do not walk up to the building. Parents of Yellow Hall walkers can meet their student outside of the playground gate. Parents of MPR walkers can meet their students across from the cafeteria loading area fence are toward Ashley High School. We remind all parents of walkers and bikers that we do not walk them off campus. Bikers should walk their bikes until they reach the crossing guard. Again, a reminder that if you are meeting your child on your golf cart, you must remain across the street from the crossing guard near the maroon Ashley High School sign.

Car Riders- Thank you for your patience. As a reminder, you must have the car rider tag displayed in order to pick up a child and to keep our line running smoothly. If you send someone without a tag, they will be asked to pull aside so we can verify that they can take your child.

Bus Riders- Please remember that you can track your child's bus using the Edulog Parent Portal. More information about that resource and more can be found here:

Lunch with your child

We will be allowing parents to check in to eat lunch with their student on Wednesday's only. We ask that you give us a few weeks to teach cafeteria behavior expectations and transitions. With that being said, the first Wednesday that we will be permitting parents to eat lunch with their student will be on September 21st.

When you arrive to eat lunch with your child, you will need to be buzzed in and you will need to scan your driver's license and receive a visitor's badge. This badge needs to be visible the entire time you are in the building. Parents will meet their child as their class comes through the lobby and will be permitted in the cafeteria only. Please do not go to any other locations within the school building.

When exiting, please dispose of your visitor badge and sign out in the main office.

Meal Benefit Applications (Free & Reduced Lunch)

Also, please don't forget to fill out the MEAL BENEFIT APPLICATION! Meals are not automatically free this year. Please go to: in order to complete your application! ALL families who complete this application will be entered into a raffle for a 32" flat screen TV provided by the PTA!

If you would like to add money to your child's account, please go to:

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3rd Grade Students will take the 3rd grade beginning of grade test on September 6th beginning at 8:00am. Make-up sessions for any absent students will continue during the remainder of the week.

Included below is the parent information letter for the BOG:

Anderson 2022 Parent BOG Letter

A Message from PTA about SpiritWear!

Hello Admiral families!

We hope everyone is having a great start to their new school year!

We wanted to let you know our freshest Anderson Spirit wear is now available online at

You can order and pay online and the items will arrive a few weeks after the deadline on Sunday, September 11th. Please email us with any questions!

Thanks so much for your support!

Anderson PTA

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Become a Volunteer!

New Hanover County Schools could never achieve its mission without the strong support of our community partnerships, volunteers and mentors. Volunteers are our partners in education. They take an active role to support and enhance the development of our students. Every day, family and community member volunteers bring enthusiasm and skill into our schools while assisting staff, teachers and students. Thank you for your interest in volunteering with our school system. Applicants may either be designated a Level I or Level II Volunteer depending on the type of services the volunteer provides and the amount of school based supervision the volunteer works under. Volunteers training will be conducted at the school during the first PTA meeting in September. All volunteers are required to obtain volunteer training by the school site volunteer coordinator annually.

Level I: Parents, family, or community members volunteering to assist students in a supervised setting are not required to undergo a background check if they are continually supervised by school personnel during the school day. An applicant designated a Level I Volunteer should sign in at the Volunteer Check-in Computer. No online background application is needed.

Steps to become a Level I volunteer:

1. Review the volunteer handbook.

2. Complete and return the volunteer application.

3. View the volunteer presentation/training and complete the assessment on the last slide with a score of 80 or higher. (You will need to forward a copy of your score.)

4. Please notify our volunteer coordinator, Mrs. Beckwith at once you have completed the above steps. Please report your assessment score as well. Once complete, you will be added to the approved Level 1 supervised volunteer list (classroom helper, cafeteria helper, media center helper, clerical helper). This process will need to be completed before any volunteering begins.

Level II: Parents, family, or community members volunteering to assist students in an unsupervised setting away from school personnel or who travel with students on an overnight field trip are deemed Level II Volunteers. For example, an individual who volunteers to come in on a weekly basis to teach an art class afterschool in the auditorium without a school staff member present in the room. An applicant designated a Level II Volunteer must complete the online application and the criminal background check. Applications must be completed at least two weeks prior to the time you wish to begin volunteering. Once you have been approved, you will continue to be monitored for three years.

Additional information about volunteering can be found here: