BY Max Brooks : smore conducted by Zach Ingebritson


WORLD WAR Z is a book of interviews with survivors of the zombie zombie apocalypse,a world wide event that during a time period of the book just ended , just ended the survivors tell their story both with the walking dead and humanity during that time all of these interviews took place in places like paris were french soldiers fighting in catabobs ,all the way to the international space station were astronauts hid from the whole thing


The unnamed narrator the main character is a man who previously worked as a researcher for the United Nations Postwar Commission , and was given the task of collecting of information and information for future reference for preparing if it happens again and half of his work is missing and so the narrators boss make him go rewrite the missing evidence and he is now on a quest. there was the us army involved in saving many lives and helping others including the main character. there was also the Chinese government knowing about before the virus even spreaded .


Well,the theme of this book is the ramifications of lies and deceit are a common theme with in many novels, but this novel takes the concept a bit further than most .In world war z , the lies of government officials,the military, and even parents and simple civilians create a world wide plague that kills millions of innocent individuals .first the government of china attempted to cover up a very deadly disease ,both from the rest of the world and even their own civilians.thats just an example and i think the theme is survival of fittest


A virus came and attacked and tried to get rid of mankind which made us humans vulnerable and then we were weak until we all came together for either good or bad.

so, we came together and we fought as one and before you know it we won WORLD WAR Z.

but there was some who thought for them selves and now it made it harder for the others who work together as a team.personally i think the virus represents life's challenges and humanity represents the hard work to face those challenges.thats my opinion.


I highly recommend reading this adventurous , thrilling , and heart beating book.

this book just makes me want to read again and again. its filled with heart beating sentences.if you have seen the movie it is completely different from the book.if you have been recommended to read this book read it.see what i did just read it you won't regret it