As you should know its always best to have a safe password to stop people from stealing your details and your identity to help stop this from happening to you always make sure you have a very strong password to stop people from just guessing them. If you are ever to make a password never do any of these passwords (password, your name, family name etc) because as you would think there pretty stupid and easy to guess. Any good fraudster would be able to guess them in a matter of ten seconds and nobody wants someone looking throught there details and personel details.


If you have you own router and use it always make sure you have a password so that people near by do not connect to your internet and upload viruses to your computer via the wireless so if you ever come across your router having no password put one on as soon as you notice so you dont have to pay to get the virus removed from your pc.


When you are purchasing products online always look up at the search bar to see whether it says either (http:) or (https:) if you are about to purchase something online and it says (http:) dont buy any product from that site the makers of the website can retrieve your bank details etc so you have a really unlucky chance of losing a lot of money from your bank account so always remember that (http:) means unsafe webpage and (https:) means a safe webpage to order from. So you are not losing money from your bank account just because you orderd a item/gift.

bluetooth password

If you own a device that has bluetooth built into it you should always have a password on it so that no one near by does not manage to get into your phone by using blue jacket which is a part of bluetooth. If someone was to get into your phone using bluetooth what you should strate away do is take the battery out then put it back in later and put a password on to your bluetooth. It is so easy to be caught out with this as if you are in a shopping centre for example thats were they will target there victims, if they come across someone with no password on there bluetooth they will just jump strate in and look through your files so remember always have a password on.


If you are in touch with someone you dont know in real life stay away from staying contact with them they could be anything ranging from a peodophile, a rapist or even wanting to kidnap you.

If the person wants to meet up alwaysso no because you do not know who they really are or what they are really planning to do when they meet up with you.

If the person wants to meet up on the webcam but they say theres isnt working or they dont have on at the moment its most likely a over weight middle aged man who is so sad that he wants to see younger people online.

scare ware

If you recieve a pop up saying you have 2,000,000,00 viruses on your pc just close it down right away and do a norton scan or what ever program you use and see if you do have any viruses on your pc/laptop just click get rid and the viruses are gone but if you carry on getting these pop ups never click ok because that will upload the viruses to your computer then you will have to pay to get them removed.