By: Hamza and Dillan

What is Heroin?

Heroin is an illegal drug that is extremely addictive. Heroin is processed from morphine and is sold as a white powder, brownish powder, and a black sticky substance called black tar.

Heroin can be injected into your body through your veins or highly pure heroin can be snorted or smoked. Injecting heroin is the worst way because it has the most chance of you receiving HIV/AIDS because a lot of people share and use other peoples needles.

Heroin was first developed in Germany and gained popularity in the early 20th century.

(National Institute Drug Abuse Website, 2014)

Long Term Effects

Heroin has tons of negative effects, most which are life threatening. These are some of the long term effects of heroin

- Bad teeth

- Inflammation of gums

- Coma

- Weakened immune system

- Pustles on the face

- Decrease in sexual functioning

- Severe constipation

(Drug Free World Website, 2016)

Short Term Effects

There are many short term effects for heroin which are...

- Slowed breathing

- Nausea and vomiting

- Hypothermia

- Drowsiness

- Rush

(Drug Free World Website, 2016)

Street Names

These are the most common street names for heroin

- Hell Dust

- Mexican Mud

- Brown Sugar

- Skag

- Thunder

- Black Tar

- White lady

- Dope

- China White

- Horse

- Junk

(Narconan Website, 2014)

Illegal or Legal?

Heroin is illegal in Canada and the penalty of having heroin in your possession can lead up to 6-7 months in prison as well as a $1000 dollar fine the first time being caught with it. The second time someone is caught with heroin in their possession the penalty doubles and they serve 12 months in prison with a fine of $2000 dollars. The final penalty for heroin possession can lead to 7 years in prison.

(Justice Laws Website, 2014)

Canadian Statistics

Heroin is the third most used substance by street youth in Canada. Less then 1% of drug charges are related to heroin in Canada.

(Teen Challenge Website, 2015)

What Makes Heroin So Deadly

What Makes Heroin So Deadly?

Phycological Effects

The intake of heroin can cause depression and memory loss. The addict consuming the heroin will most likely quit their job and leave their family, children, and home. Then he/she will perform illegal activities such as stealing money and other valuables for drug money. Normally there are three outcomes for heroin addicts: Incarceration, mental hospitals, or death.

(Heroin.net Website, 2015)