Technology in the Classroom

Language Arts

Helpful Websites to teach young people about Language Arts!

  1. This website, Weebly, has interactive sites from other websites, that cover a wide range of Language Arts topics! There are tons of interactive games that help students learn in a fun way!
  2. Sheppard Software is a great place for students to learn new words, how words are used and the proper way to write sentences! You can play the games by the grade the student is in as well!
  3. Fun Brain has great games for reading! One of the ones that I love is 2Bee or Nottoobee, which covers subject verb agreement.
  4. This website, Teacher Vision, has plenty of Language Arts games to play with your class! It ranges from practicing the alphabet to completing the sentences using the correct words. I love this website!
  5. Many Things, is a great website to use with ESL students. It has games, puzzles, listening practice and more!
  6. Daily Grammar is a grammar website consisting of lessons for teachers to teach and quizzes for students to take for FREE! It covers the parts of speech, punctuation and capitalization.
  7. RhymeZone is a great website to use if you are doing a unit on poetry. You can type in any word and it will come up with a lot of rhyme words for that word.
  8. ReadWriteThink is a very popular websites that teachers use to teach reading and writing. There are lesson plans, games, activities and printouts. It really helps students with two components of language arts: Reading and Writing.
  9. Word of the Day is an easy way to improve your students vocabulary. On the home screen it provides the word of the day, definition and way it is used in a sentence. You can also type in a word and it will give you the definition of it. Great vocabulary website!
  10. Penzu is a writing website that looks like students are writing on a real sheet of paper, but they are typing their writing assignment. It is a great way to keep track of students' writing assignments rather than having loose leaf paper everywhere in your classroom.

Fun apps to use!

  1. The Sight Word Adventure: fun and thorough game for beginner readers to learn sight words in order to gain fluency.
  2. Short Vowel Word Study: a simple and fun app to teach students how to read.
  3. Spooky Letters: a manuscript to help students learn how to write. It is provided in regular print and in cursive print.
  4. Grammar Jammers: fun games that teach grammar skills all students must learn!
  5. iStoryBooks: FREE app that offers nonfiction books for a wide range of readers.

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