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Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles

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A consultation with an experienced, highly qualified defense attorney is imperative if you are facing a criminal charge or implicated in a case due to illegal activities. Failing to choose an effective lawyer may complicate your situation and cause irreparable harm to your case. A skilled criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles will be able to properly evaluate your case and attain the best possible results by developing a strategic plan at an early stage in your case. A mere law degree and license to practice law is not enough to reach favorable results in a case. An effective attorney should have a wealth of experience dealing with the countless legal and procedural issues that arise in criminal cases.

A good lawyer should be able to formulate the defenses that are available to you and articulate them to you in a way you can understand. He or she should have enough experience to identify all of the issues and challenges in your case, especially the ones that are not apparent to less experienced lawyers.

Before hiring a lawyer to assist you with your criminal case, you should inquire about the lawyer’s work history and experience. It would be a good idea to learn whether the lawyer has acquired adequate legal training at a government office such as a Public Defender’s Office or a prosecution office. These offices expose young lawyers to a high volume of diverse criminal cases. Also, before hiring a lawyer, try to determine whether he or she is familiar with the specific legal issues you are facing. It is often best to hire an attorney who focuses exclusively on criminal defense, and not on multiple areas of law.

As its name implies, California Criminal Defense Center is strictly a criminal defense law practice with offices located throughout Southern California. Its main office is located in Los Angeles. Attorney Ardalon Fakhimi devoted all of his time, effort, and experience to establishing this office after many years of exclusive dedication to criminal defense. Mr. Fakhimi first gained exposure to the prosecution of criminal cases at the Litigation Division of the Attorney General’s Office. He was later hired as a full-time criminal defense attorney by the Public Defender’s Office, where he worked as a trial attorney for many years. He has in-depth experience defending a variety of criminal cases, and has been practicing in this field for 14 years.

If you are searching for an experienced and dedicated criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles, contact California Criminal Defense Center to speak directly with Mr. Fakhimi. The following are just a few categories of criminal cases that Mr. Fakhimi routinely handles: DUI, vehicular crimes, theft-related offenses, violent crimes, domestic violence, sex offenses, drug and alcohol offenses, expungements, and much more. Mr. Fakhimi is also considered by many as the best DUI attorney in Los Angeles, providing excellent protection from DUI penalties and punishments. He has an unparalleled familiarity with the breath-alcohol devices used by police agencies in California.

If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles who will personally handle every aspect of your criminal case with care, compassion, and expertise, you should call Ardalon Fakhimi at California Criminal Defense Center. This office has dedicated all of its efforts to client satisfaction and providing the highest level of legal representation available. For further information, please visit their official website or call (310) 963-2417.